35% of iPad Apps are games: Report

Distimo, from their own About page, is an “innovative app store analytics company built to solve the challenges created by a widely fragmented app store marketplace filled with equally fragmented information and statistics.”

They offer a free service for Developers who are interested in monitoring the mobile app ecosystem. They also offer free analytics tools for developers so they can monitor their own applications’ performance across all app stores. This is done very simply by allowing them access to your iTunes Connect account, either via your username, or a special user name with limited access you setup for them.

I use them, and they are pretty good. I have to admit I was a bit uncomfortable initially with letting them have access to my account. But can say I’ve had no problems.

Their most recent report makes interesting reading :

In total, there are 2,385 applications that are available exclusively for the iPad. The largest category on the iPad is Games with 833 titles (35%), followed by Entertainment and Education with 260 and 205 titles, respectively.

Games and Entertainment applications are more popular on the iPhone than on the iPad: 70% of the most popular applications on the iPhone are published in either one of those categories, compared to 40% on the iPad.

83% of applications on the iPad are paid, while only 73% of all applications are paid on the iPhone. The average price of all paid applications that are solely compatible with iPad is $3.61 compared to $3.55 for applications compatible with iPhone.

Medical applications are most expensive on both the iPad ($9.39) and iPhone ($10.73). On the contrary, Education ($9.10), Healthcare & Fitness ($4.41), Music ($6.86) and Sports ($4.95) applications are significantly more expensive on the iPad. Books are currently cheaper on the iPad than on the iPhone which may be influenced by the iBookstore availability on the iPad.

The full report can be downloaded for free here : [distimo.com]


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