10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Prototype Panel?

Samsung LCD Panel

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-1 inch

One of the main complaints about Samsung’s Galaxy tab is that it just isn’t big enough. Weighing in at 7″, a full 2.7″ fewer than Apple’s iPad, many feel the screen just doesn’t provide enough real estate for anything other than blown-up phone apps. But how about a 10.1″ version?

Over at the FPD International Trade Show in Japan, Samsung has been showing off it’s next generation LCD displays, and it’s enough to make your mouth water.

Featuring a 1024×600 resolution, the screen boasts a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and is just 1.8mm thick. The stats really don’t do this thing justice, but the photos certainly go some way to giving us an idea of just how gorgeous a potential Galaxy Tab XL could be. Unfortunately that isn’t quite around the corner; the panel isn’t expected to be ready for mass-production for a couple of years according to Engadget, and they’re usually pretty accurate!

Of course, if Apple’s announces a Retina Display equipped iPad Mk2 next year, the ante will well and truly, be upped!

Samsung LCD Panel


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  1. ipad development

    I think 7 inch size is perfect. I don’t agree with Steve Jobs about it — the iPad is not handy to carry around, most people prefer using it at home, and what’s the point of it then? I don’t believe Samsung will release a bigger tablet, neither will Apple launch a smaller one.

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