Word Solitaire: Aurora for iPhone Play solitaire with words!

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Word Solitaire: Aurora Rating: ★★★★★

Word Solitaire: Aurora is a fun solitaire game which uses letters and words instead of the usual pack of playing cards. When starting out there is an easy tutorial to follow. The aim is to use all the cards on the board to form words. Each card has one letter on it. You move the cards on to another card just like you would expect in a normal solitaire game, but this time you are spelling words out. To move a letter you just drag and drop. You can also move a group of letters.

You keep moving the cards and making words until you have turned over all the face down cards. When that is done you finish the level when you have used all the cards to spell a word. You can tell when you have completed a level by the top right button. If it is a pause you must carry on, if it indicates a play button press it and move onto the next level.

Word Solitaire AuroraAs you go you earn points. When you make a word at the top of the list where the word is formed it will show you what you scored in points for that word. Each letter as a different value in points and depending on the amount of letters in the word these will all make your score.

Along the way you may come across a wildcard which is an open card which can be changed to any letter. Once you have chosen a letter though you can’t change it to a different one. They do come in handy though when you get yourself stuck.

At the bottom of your screen you will see a sun, this is where you can burn cards that you can’t use. You are limited to how many times you can burn though depending which mode you are playing. Also at the bottom is the deck of unused cards which you can use if you get stuck and need another card.

There are three modes to play, the quick play, campaign and global.

In Campaign mode will most certainly keep you busy. There are 250 levels to work through starting out obviously easy and getting harder as you progress. As you work your way through you will come to milestones. These are like check in points really, so that if you ever give up suddenly when you go back to play you start from that milestone.

Word Solitaire Aurora iPhoneFinally global mode is where you play against anyone from around the world! There is a new board downloaded everyday and all the scores go on the global score board.

The user interface is very well laid out and it’s very easy to move the cards around. The graphics are nice and colorful with soothing music in the background. The game is also integrated with Game Center.

Word Solitaire: Aurora offers great replay value. When you have finally completed the campaign mode you can still play in other ways without the worry you might have played that level. For the small price you pay you are receiving a game that is definitely worth it!


  • 3 modes.
  • Great replay value.
  • Good Graphics and easy to use.


  • None!

$0.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Updated: Nov 08, 2010
Current Version: 1.0.1
1.0.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
42.7 MB
Language: English
Seller: Candywriter
© 2010 Candywriter, LLC
Rated 4+
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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