White iPhone 4 Not Thicker Than Black Model [Consumer Reports]

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White iPhone 4 Thickness Test

Since the launch of iPhone 4 last year Apple’s fourth gen smartphone has been a subject of controversy. Last year the final design was leaked weeks ahead of the official announcement, reports of the phone suffering from antennagate were widely reported and then the white iPhone 4 model was delayed as the company faced manufacturing issues.

Now, when Apple finally made the white iPhone 4 available a few buyers claimed that the white model is thicker than the black model. Apple’s product website did not mention any change in the design specifications of the new model and the buyers claims were not backed with any credible way of measuring the difference in thickness.

Consumer Reports were quick to conduct extensive testing in their labs with a pair of “high-quality calipers” and confirmed that the white iPhone 4 had the same depth as the black version.

Many people feared that potential difference in depth could make many third party cases and covers for iPhone 4 not compatible with the white color but, Consumer Reports tried several cases which they had bought for the black one and each fit the white model just like they were intended to.


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  • superthug

    ass hole mreko23psalm a caliper is better than your dumb ass brothers eye muth fucker

  • Mreko23psalm

    That is not true. I have the white iPhone 4 and my brother has the black one. Laying them down on a flat surface side by side, it is easy to see with the naked eye that the white one is slightly thicker.

    • Chris

      I think the caliper can measure the thickness better than your naked eye.

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