White iPhone 4 Disappears from Apple Online Store

We recently told you how the white iPhone 4 might have been cancelled, and today that’s looking increasingly to be the case. Head over to the iPhone page on the Apple Store and you’ll notice something’s missing – the white iPhone 4 is AWOL!

The white iPhone 4 saga has rumbled on ever since the initial launch of the handset and umpteen delays later all signs point to a cancellation, or at the very least a longer than already expected delay.

The reason for Apple’s reluctance to bring the white version of its latest smartphone is unknown, though many (including yours truly) speculate that an issue with the quality of white colouring is to blame. Recent murmurings have suggested that matching the home button to the rest of the phone is proving more challenging than the Cupertino outfit originally anticipated – and we all know how particular el-Jobso can be!

Have you been patiently waiting for a white iPhone 4? Have you given in and bought a black one? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.



3 Comments on “White iPhone 4 Disappears from Apple Online Store”

  1. I am embarrassed to admit that I waited since June for the white iPhone 4, checked the ‘spy’ news almost daily for updates, and when it was not announced at the ‘Back to the Mac” event I finally pulled the trigger and bought the black one. I guess I was in love with my white iPhone 3GS.
    Love the iPhone 4 and everything it does better….
    But the 3GS fback really felt better in the hand. And white matches the accessories, reminds me of my first iPod, and does not smudge!

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