Twittelator Neue Review: Sexy Interface Helps Overcome the Lack of Push Notifications

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Rating: ★★★★½

twittelator neue twitter client iphone-1Twittelator Neue Review: Anyone who spends any amount of time with Twitter Apps on a iOS device is bound to have come across the name Twittelator before through their various incarnations of their Twittelator apps. Now though they have a new bow to their quiver with the introduction of Twitterlator Neue for the iPhone.

Setting up your account is as simple as entering your Twitter username and password and within seconds you’ve be seeing your timeline in Twittelator Neue clean, clear and fast interface.

The main timeline flows beautifully up and down the screen in both vertically and horizontally and also includes some simple, subtle yet effective animations when you refresh your timeline or fully load the inline displayed pictures, yes, that’s right, inline displayed photos.

twittelator neue twitter client iphone-2This is one of the best features of the application. Any tweet that includes a picture will display a slice of the image below it. This image will also scroll as the timeline scrolls and then by tapping it the image will open up full screen, it works great.

You can also turn on a feature where the profile image of all the Twitter ‘celebrities’ will also show in the same way, however if you follow a lot of them it will bet very repetitive and unnecessary.

The other great feature, that in my opinion every Twitter app should include, is the inclusion of Tweet Marker which lets you synchronise your timeline between devices. This is invaluable if you use Twitter across multiple devices, as long as all the apps use Tweet Marker of course!

twittelator neue twitter client iphone-3Scrolling between your Timeline, Direct Messages, Mentions is just a swipe away as they appear as multiple panels that you can slide between. You can also add additional panels to your time line such as Searches or Lists and swipe between those too.

All the normal features are included including the ability to post to multiple Twitter accounts at the same time and Facebook but it’s the small things that really impress me about this app such as the subtle sounds as you navigate around and the animations that give this app a real professional feel to it.

Unfortunately for me at least there is one major omission from this app that will probably prevent it from being my goto Twitter application and that’s push notifications. For me these are a requirement, I want to know immediately I’m responded to or I receive a Direct Message and so without that I’m always going to have to keep a Twitter app on my iPhone that provides that.

With all that said though I won’t be deleting Twitterlator Neue from my iPhone, it’s speed, sleek design and in-line pictures make it just to good to give up.

If you want to find out more you can head over to to watch a video of the app or get it from the App Store here for just $1.99.
Twittelator Neue - Twitter Client for iOS5 - Big Stone Phone
What we like:

  • In-line pictures
  • Fast, sleek design
  • Tweet Marker support
  • Great animations

What to know:

  • No push notifications



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