Tap Farm For iPhone Reaps Harvest In The App Store

Tap Farm iPhone Game Free

Looking after a farm on your iPhone can be lots of fun if you like farming or tycoon type of games. Streetview Labs new iPhone game Tap Farm (iTunes Link, Free) has proved to be incredibly engaging and is topping the App Store charts.

We received an update regarding the game’s raking on App Store today, Tap Farm has climbed the charts to position #6 on the top free games list, and #14 on the top free apps list.

The object of the game is to plant, plow, and sell crops for coins and have the most beautiful farm. Tap Farm allows you to customize and buy additional buildings, crops, animals from Tap Farm marketplace in exchange of coins and lets you create a farm which you’ve always wanted to own.

You can either continue earning more experience and earn coins by harvesting or get more coins by completing a few offers. One of best aspects of Tap Farm is that to complete most of the offers you don not have to spend any money! Some offers are as simple as joining a facebook page or downloading a free iphone game/app, while some offers do require to buy paid apps but then offer large amount of coins.

To add an element of reality the game, Tap Farm is designed to let the crops grow in real time even when in the app is not active or open.

Tap Farm is Free, Get it Now!

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  1. I don't have the “land” icon on my tap farm and I want to upgrade to a bigger size farm. Can anyone help me?

  2. Go to the store and click get coins. You can then get coins or magic beans when you buy apps some are free and some cost money.

  3. I love the program, have a very large farm. I have problems with a not able to synce message. If this can be fixed, it will be awesome

  4. My kids LOVE tap farm. We've had for about two weeks and it's totally addicting. I find myself harvesting crops and “buying” new stuff for the farm with the “money” my kids have earned farming. Coolest thing is: the kids can't be on it for more than a few minutes before they're done for the next several hours. Crops can take 3 hours to 3 days to grow – same with the animals. We love it!!

  5. was a great app until recent update now i can't even open the game up!! It crashes before it even opens!! And the majic beans part they added many things that you need majic beans for but you can only get the Majic beans if you try out other apps so it has NOTHING to do with the game!! It WAS a great game not I give 2 thumbs down…..

  6. How do I download in app stuff. Everytime I try it tells
    me I need the sandbox environment. I tried to contact the developer on the main site but never heard anything. Any ideas?

  7. I just downloaded the latest version today (2/22/10) and no it will not load on my ipod touch. i tried restoring the touch, but it would not let me. please help!

  8. This game is a lot of fun. Even for us grown-ups. But better than one-third of the time it tells me that it cannot sync with the server and shuts down.
    I purposely planted a bunch of trees at the same time (farmer planning, me thinks) and they never harvest at the same time. 2 this time, 3 another time, and so on. Stupid.
    I just learned you can move things. But don't try to move trees. I have a tree that doesn't bear fruit, cannot be harvested, cannot be removed, and cannot move…what's with that? I would even venture to pay for the little extras here and there, but not for a game that doesn't work right. The most problematic game on my phone.
    Fun game, but lots of quirks still need help.

  9. Here's the response that's posted on http://tapfarmtex.weebly.com/faqs.html.

    Is it possible to sell animals if you don't want them anymore?

    Hmm… well, if by “sell” you mean “remove the filthy beasts from my sight, I never wish to see them again”, then yes. You can select the “Remove” tool at any time and touch the animal you wish “Removed”. You will receive some coins back in return, and the animal will be “Removed” from your farm. As to what “Remove” actually entails…. well… the tool shows a shovel… I can picture you standing next to your Dog holding that shovel like a baseball bat… Just imagine the scene from Goodfellas… oof.

    But if by “sell” you mean “get back most of the huge coin investment I made in this disappointing creature”, then no. When you “Remove” an animal, you get back a small fraction of its purchase price — perhaps closer to a tenth. Thus, you can effectively delete them if you don't want them anymore, but you cannot trade them in for other things.

  10. This is such an amazingly fun game. However, I am on level 23 right now, and I am slightly becoming bored. I have maxed out my “farm size” and it feels like the game is slowly coming to a hault. It would be so much fun if there were other features, i.e. moving animals. Also, is it possible to sell the animals if you don't want them anymore?

  11. Here's the answer from http://tapfarmtex.weebly.com/ so far:

    How do I get magic beans? And what are they anyway?
    Why you trade the family cow for them, of course… wait no… that's a serious question? Oh.. yeah… I see them now… magic beans…

    Magic beans would appear to be a new in-game currency added with the February 6th, 2010 update. They can be used to purchase some new trees, animals, buildings, and decorations that were also added in that update. It would appear that all of those are intended to primarily act as decorations (such as all the cute new breeds of dogs and cats) rather than as cash crops, since most of them are inferior to existing ones, and cannot be purchased in enough numbers to use them.

    Magic beans seem to currently only be available by taking advantage of the developer's offers to download other applications. If you click on the “Store” and then “Get Coins” menu, it will offer to let you download some items for coins or magic beans. If you download and open all the free suggested applications, you can get about 21 magic beans. When added to the 3 magic beans it gave when I updated to the new Tap Farm version, that means everyone can currently get only about 24 magic beans. (Unless you want to purchase some of those other applications.

    So currently magic beans are a very scarce commodity, and you'll have to choose carefully which of the new things you wish to spend them on.

  12. They fixed it. The move tool is really the multi tool now. You can literally use the move tool now to move existing objects. I'm not sure about these beans though.

  13. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FARM? I just downloaded the current up-date (3) with new trees, animals, crops and “magic beans”. Supposedly improved the “move” feature, instead it is WORSE, I HAVE NO CONTROL. This game started out really neat & lots of fun, but UPDATES are getting WORSE instead of better. I tried to submit a comment through my iphone but it would not allow me access. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. 2-6-2010t

  14. The elephant was added along with horses and other animals in an update in mid-January. They also added a huge “chateau” building, so I think the developer must be trying to add bigger and better things for people to strive for, and I guess elephant qualifies as “bigger”.

    Check out this website for more information on the game and strategy: http://tapfarmtex.weebly.com/

  15. I like Tap Farm and am at level 13 after playing for a week. There are quite a few bugs and I have 'lost' things like animals trying to move them to different places on my farm. For whatever reason move seems to work better tapping under the item, not the item itself. I don't know how much longer I'll keep playing this on a daily basis, later I will most likely just plant stuff that takes a few days to grow and harvest mid-week or play on the weekend. I also am curious why the developer feels an elephant is a farm animal.

  16. I really like this game and i play it all the time, but theres just one problem. I can't press the get coins button. when i do it does nothing. why?

  17. Also, check out the get coins section in the Tap Farm app. You can download the other free apps they have to get more coins aside from the farm crops. (hint: you don't have to keep the free apps to get the coins)

  18. Unfortunately, it's suppose to automatically save the game for you. The only option is to click on the restore farm in the main menu if you have the updated version and hope that it restores your last saved game. If it doesn't work, then I'm sorry to say that you will prob have to start all over if you're willing to. Hopefully, they will add that feature along with the auto save in the future.

  19. Or….you can click on move in the main menu….then tap the object which will become almost transparent like….and move it to where you would like it to be.

  20. Tap on the crop that is complete and it will disappear showing that it was harvested for coins along with the money amount gained and experienced gained.

  21. It's cool and keeps you occupied. Freezes a few times but minimal and has a few glitches with placing objects on the farm as they can sometimes disappear off screen even though you're planting on the farm. But i must admit, i'm constantly playing it. Just wished the purchasing of land and tools were in coins and not for real cash!!! Hopefully, they will fix the minors as the game is still fairly new!

  22. To move items like trees, you have to touch the trunk of the trees closer to the ground. Same with mailboxes and such, try touching towards the bottom of the item.

  23. I love this game! Only have trouble moving objects. Now I have three trees I planted close to the edge of the farm and they are not producing nor can I move them? Is there a place to look for tips or tricks for this app?

  24. Wow, looks like negative comments about the app are deleted/not approved, since my comment a few days ago has vanished?

    I have serious issues with this app constantly crashing, the totally dysfunctional “move” tool that half the time won't pick up an item and half the time won't drop it where I want, etc. etc. etc. The irritation factor is quickly exceeding the interest level.

  25. how do you save your farm was level 9 but its now back to level one and cant reload my original farm?

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