Spotify Finally Coming to the U.S. Now Accepting Signups

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Spotify United States Launch Invite Signup

Spotify is finally coming to the United States and has already started accpeting signups for invites in the US. Visitors in the U.S. are now redirected to a signup page where you can enter an email address to be one of the first to receive an invite.

The Sweden-based streaming music service allows users to listen to any music that the company has licensed. Apple’s iTunes on the other hand only allows users to listen to music that they have purchased from the iTunes Store or other sources.

There are free subscriptions in Spotify that are limited by hours of listening time, similiar to Pandora. Then, there are paid subscriptions that offer features such as offline mode, the ability to download songs to iPods and more. Subscription fees range from €5 to €10 per month.

Spotify has been growing steadily since it’s introduction and it will be interesting to see it’s adoption rate in the United States.

Will you sign up for Spotify when it releases? Are you going to be using the service if an app comes to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch? Sound off in the comments below!

{via MacRumors}


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