SCRABBLE Review: EA Mobile Redefines Board Games

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SCRABBLE Rating: ★★★★½

SCRABBLE from EA redefines board games for mobile devices by giving us a slick interface and adding multiplayer options with Facebook & WiFi.

Introducing an exciting new way to play SCRABBLE!

  • Start a game from your iPhone or Facebook
  • View Scores & Chat while you play
  • Take a Break
  • Cool Controls
  • Learn to be a SCRABBLE ace

Boardgames have always been fun when playing with family or friends and SCRABBLE was no exception. EA has indeed given us a new way of socializing while playing the most popular crossword game on the go.

There are three ways you can play, Local Play, Facebook, and Multiplayer WiFi.

SCRABBLE iPhone ReviewWith Local Play you are given the option to play Solo, Vs. the Computer, or Pass & Play (which you can play up to 4 players). Local Play is of course played on one iPhone or iPod Touch, when you play against the computer you have three skill levels to choose from, Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can choose from different Game Styles, Classic, 75 or 150 point, and 8 or 12 round (these game types are only available in Local Play)

  • Classic- No word count limit, No score limit, Game ends after six consecutive zero point turns, or when one player empties his/her rack after the bag has been emptied.
  • 75 or 150 Point game- No word count limit, Game ends when a player reaches seventy-five or one hundred fifty points.
  • 8 or 12 Round game- The game ends after the eighth or twelfth round.

With Facebook, you can invite your Facebook friends to go head to head, even if they don’t have an iPhone or Touch, they can play right from their Facebook account., pretty cool huh? You can also text chat during game play. One thing I have noticed connecting to Facebook, you will sometimes get a communication error, all you have to do is try again, and you will eventually get connected.

With WiFi mode, you are able to play with your friends that are connected to the same WiFi network via their iPhone or Touch.

Moving tiles on to the board is very simple; all you have to do is just touch which tile you want to drag on to the board and slide your finger to its new home. Double tapping on the screen will zoom in and repeating the double tap will zoom back out. If you become stumped and you need some help they made a “Best Word” option that will give you the best scoring word available (only can use this option four times and it does not work with Facebook). The Facebook mode does how ever have a “Teacher” button that will compare your word to the best available word in your rack. There is no more worrying about your opponent laying down a phony word; because two different dictionaries are included for you to choose from, and if you lay down a bogus word you get a pop-up telling you to try again.

So even if you are not the best person at putting words together, there are features in this app to help you out.

In all, this game is a lot of fun and if you love the SCRABBLE board game or similar type of game, you are going to love this. And yes you CAN listen to your music at the same time.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $4.99

The Good:

  • Great graphics
  • Redefines boardgames with amazing multiplayer options
  • Auto Save
  • Easy to use interface

The Not So Good:

  • WiFi only on a shared network
  • There is no Leader Board
  • No option to remove any help functions during multi-player games


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