Racing Mania HD for iPad. Retro 2D Mini Car Racing Game with a 21st Twist

Racing Mania HD iPad

Racing Mania HD Rating: ★★★½☆

Back in the day when my game console of choice was my trusty Commodore 64 computer one of the favourite games I would play was Super Sprint, a 2D top down racer that was as simplistic as they come yet had an addictive game-play that kept me coming back for more. And it was this game that instantly came to mind when I loaded Racing Mania HD for my latest gaming machine my Apple iPad.

The style and structure of the two are pretty similar. Both are top down racers with tiny cars and you can also upgrade and repair your vehicle as you progress through the 15 different tracks. It’s really as simple as that, however that’s no bad thing and while I still have a soft spot for the retro game Racing Mania HD is a fun little distraction too.

Racing Mania HD iPad_5The game can be played in both single player mode and against a friend via the local network. The single player mode is split into Arcade and Practice modes with the 15 tracks only being able to played in Practice Mode after they’ve been unlocked in Arcade mode.

There are three control options to choose between, all of them use an accelerator and a break button on the right side of the screen while you get to choose your how you steer your vehicle from the option of a steering wheel, left and right arrows and the third option of using the accelerometer. All of them have there benefits but after playing with each of them for a while I settled on the left and right arrows as offering the best solution for me.

When launching the game you first need to choose your vehicle whether it’s a sleek hatch back, beach buggy, SUV or mini car there is something for everyone and while the differances between them are all pretty small they do all have there own stats which will impact on how you race to a lesser or greater extent.

Each car can additionally be upgraded for quicker acceleration or a higher top speed from your bank account that gets increased depending on your success and the 3 cash coins you can pick up during each race.

Adding to the fun is the fact that you race each track against 10 other mini cars creating a frantic 3 laps of action at high speed. The speed of the game is really affective and you mini car will appear to be zooming round at great speed and that’s even before you’ve started increasing the cars stats as you move through the tracks.

Racing Mania HD iPadTalking of tracks when you start the game you get 5 different types of track to race around and it appears that the variety may continue into the next 10 too, however after the initial five there are two additional track styles with five course for each of them. The 5 night tracks are dark and moody and while the headlights of your mini cars look good you luckily don’t have to rely on them to see where you are going and the final 5 tracks are like high speed futuristic race tracks where the speed is cranked up once more.

The key to success in Racing Mania HD is anticipating the corners and, if you can do it, not taking your finger off of the accelerator as you do. This will take a while to do especially as the tracks get more twisty and narrow. Hitting the sides or going off track will be punished and as you try to maneuver your car out of a ditch, tree or barrier you may find the other 9 cars speeding past you to take the chequered flag.

There is a local high score table to track your best scores and the local network multi-player mode definitely adds additional value to the game but I did find it relativity easy to complete the 15 tracks in under an hour. I still think that I will come back to the game but a future update to add more tracks, achievements and especially an online multi player mode would make this fun 2D racer into a long term keeper.


  • High speed mini car racing
  • Multiple control options
  • 10 car frantic racing


  • Too easy
  • Needs more tracks
  • No online multi-player

Price: $3.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Released: May 31, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 135 MB
Language: English
Seller: Federico Bigliocca
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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.


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