Photo of iPad 5 Bezel and Digitizer Appear Online?

ipad 5 digitizer

ipad 5 digitizer

New photo of iPad 5 bezel and digitizer have appeared online again. has published new image that appears to be of the upcoming fifth-generation iPad. This is not the first time we are seeing these images. The rumor mill in the past has leaked photos that claim to be of Apple’s next gen tablet.

The upcoming iPad 5 is expected to receive a new design similar to the iPad mini. Recent rumors and leaked images all suggest that iPad 5 will get a “narrower” bezel. The photo above was published to a Photobucket account, it shows the bezel and ribbon cable of the digitizer of the rumored fifth-gen iPad.

Apple announced the fourth-gen iPad and iPad mini in October last year and it’s likely that the company will announce the new iPad during the same time frame this year. While recent leaks all point to new hardware design for the next iPad however, the authenticity of the photo is difficult to establish.

Product leaks have become fairly common for Apple since the iPhone 4, even as Tim Cook last year during All Things D suggested he wanted to double down on product leaks, it is still an issue for Apple. With leaks about upcoming products the sales of Apple’s existing product line up take a huge hit which has been evident in Apple’s annual financial report following any major product launch.

{via MacRumors}

Update : has revealed that the photo above is of an iPad mini part taken from a Chinese part vendor.


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