Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 announced

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Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.0One of the down sides to announcing a new handset and OS revision the day before a major Apple announcement is it tends to get forgotten in all the shiny goodness from Cupertino. As if to prove that point, Palm (or HP, depending on how you look at it) told the world it can expect an update to webOS and a new Palm handset named, unsurprisingly, Pre 2. You didn’t know? Exactly!

HP says we can expect to get our hands on the Pre 2 later this year, so long as Verizon is your carrier of choice, at least in the US.

The updated webOS should be available around the same time and will be hitting existing Palm Pre users’ hardware as well as the new handset.

So what can long-suffering Palm aficionados expect to be playing with when the update lands? Well, there’s quote a few changes on the way:

  • Bluetooth keyboard support – for one that itsy-bitsy keyboard just won’t cut it.
  • Updated webkit browserHTML5 support increased.
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 (beta) – pretty much what it sounds like. webOS 2.0 will have everyone’s favourite battery-killer built into the browser.
  • Stacks – remember the card metaphor webOS 1.0 used when multitasking? Apps are now stackable, meaning like-minded apps can be grouped together.

Other improvements include better social networking integration and VPN support. Head on over to the Pre 2 website for more for information about WebOS 2.0.

Nearly two years after its unveiling at CES 2009, is the Pre finally going to be the iPhone 4 killer everyone thought it might be? Answers on a postcard.

[via tipb]


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  • Mannyman

    It’s kinda like macOS vs Windows. Does market share mean better?

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