Netflix for iOS Updated to Support iPhone 5’s Larger 4-inch Widescreen

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Netflix iPhone 5 iOS 6

Netflix recently updated their iOS app for iOS 6 and the new 4-inch widescreen display on the iPhone 5. According to the details in the App Store release notes, the update also improves the browsing, searching and watching experience.

The last time the Netflix iOS app received a major update was following the release of the new iPad, when the company updated it to support the Retina Display. The support for the widescreen display on the iPhone allows users to watch movies and TV shows in their native aspect ratio and runs the videos full screen, instead of letterboxed as it has been since the release of the iPhone 5.

More and more apps are being upgraded to support the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, many of which are placed under the “Amazing Apps on iPhone 5” section of the App Store. Netflix will likely be added to the section and is now available for users to download in the App Store. The app is available for free but requires a Netflix account for use.

{Via MacRumors — Image Credit: Mashable}


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