iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor New Details Emerge

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iPhone 5S is expected to be announced in less than three weeks now. Apple is rumored to hold a special keynote event on September 10th where the focus will be on iPhone and iOS 7.

All rumors regarding iPhone 5S have consistently shared one common hardware feature which will reportedly be one of the key enhancements in the new hardware, the fingerprint sensor. According to reports we’ve shared in the past, Apple has been hard at work to integrate a fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone 5S.

The new sensor will be placed beneath the home button and will allow you to unlock the phone, take photos as you place your thumb over the home button and possibly even authenticate web logins that require password. Device theft and security are a major concern today as smartphones now carry most of our personal and financial information. So, it is not surprising that Apple would invest in this new technology. Another area that could have interested Apple to adopt the technology is the ease of use and unobtrusive nature of the new tech.

Fingerprint sensor in the nextgen iPhone according to 9to5Mac will be placed below the home button however, the button itself will not appear to be any different that the previous gen iOS devices. The publication further notes that Apple secretively tested the fingerprint sensor in an “external housing” rather that building it into the iPhone 5S when it was in the prototype stage. The “untrained eye” won’t be able to distinguish between the iPhone 5S home button and previous gen home button.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities had previously predicted that the new home button will be sapphire covered with a convex shape. Kuo has a good track record of correctly reporting on Apple rumors.

However, the most conclusive evidence of the new fingerprint sensor was actually found in iOS 7 beta 4 where a few strings of code very clearly referenced to the use of fingerprint scanning. All reference were removed in the 5th beta update.

{Image Credit: DigitalTrends}


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