iPhone 4S TV Ads Highlight Siri, Camera and iCloud

Apple announced the new iPhone 4S on October 4th and since then has experienced a large number of sales, more than any quarter in the past. On Thursday, Apple aired the first iPhone 4S TV ad on select networks, highlighting the new personal assistant feature, Siri.

The first ad aired  begins with a woman who tells Siri that she has a flat tire, and goes on to show multiple people asking Siri things. The ad then ends with a woman, who simply says, “I’m locked out”, followed by Siri’s response. The ad ends with Apple’s message, “Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.”

Since then, Apple aired 3 new ads highlighting Siri, once again, the updated camera, as well as iCloud. The second Siri ad gives more insight into how Siri works and the numerous things that it can search.

The camera ad features a person taking a picture and then editing it right on the phone and eventually goes on to say, “iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet”.

The iCloud ad is also similar to the other three, in that it highlights the cloud features and ends with the same tag line. Apple is beginning to roll out these ads to all major channels in the United States, and appears to air them simultaneously on multiple channels.

{via Apple YouTube}


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