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With the new iPhone 5  introduction around the corner, more and more parts leaks and photos are being released on the web. On Monday, MacRumors reader, Michael Rou got hold of what he claimed to be pre-production cases for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The reader then took images of the cases and posted them on Flickr, while comparing it to the iPad 3 and the current iPhone 4S.

The cases, leaked from designs in the Foxconn factory point to the iPad Mini being a much smaller 7.85” with a smaller bezel as opposed to the current 9.7” screen on the iPad. The iPad Mini is however, expected to retain the same aspect ratio and resolution of the iPad 2 at 1024×768. Apple is likely reverting back to specs for the iPad 2 because it is aiming for a lower price point and perhaps cannot include some of the higher powered technology such as 4G LTE in the Mini.

Rou notes that the iPad Mini case sports a headphone jack on top, unlike the newer designs on the next generation iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 case is 4 inches tall, as numerous other web reports have suggested and in the photos, appears to be taller than the current iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 is expected at Apple’s media event on September 12th, while the iPad Mini is expected to follow suit in October.

{Via MacRumors}


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