iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Win Display of the Year Award

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iPad 2 Thin iPhone 4

Using Apple’s iPad 2 or iPhone 4, you can’t help but notice that the screen is much better in resolution than any other mobile phone in the market. There’s clearly a difference as Apple’s Retina Display sets a standard for the quality of text and photos on a smartphone. They’ve set a new benchmark that competitors are scrambling to match. The Society for Information Display also recognizes that the iPad and iPhone display has revolutionized mobile computing and decided to honor Apple with Display of the Year Gold Award for the Retina Display and the Display Application of the Year Gold Award for the iPad. SID pointed out that “the 640×960-pixel Retina display set a new benchmark for mobile display resolution, low power consumption and image quality.”

This is yet another success for Apple in the mobile devices market, allowing them to get further ahead than any other competitor. Apple continues to improve on its own products and never fails to deliver. In the words of Steve Jobs, “We’re never resting on our laurels” and it is indeed true; the proof is all in the way Apple delivers with their statements. The Society for Information Display was elated, honoring Apple with their success in many different areas of mobile computing. SID also noted that “the iPad marks a new era of tablet computing, transforming the way people communicate, consume and create content, play games and learn.”

They also found the displays power efficiency, allowing up to 10 hours of battery life for WiFi web surfing, to be a main reason why the iPad received an award. It will be interesting to see what display technology Apple will introduce in iPhone 5 / 4S and iPad 3.

{Image: Engadget}


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