iPad 2 Case Images Hit the Internet [Rumor]

It’s that time again folks! A handful of weeks to go until the first rumored launch date of Apple’s next “big thing”. The second generation iPad and the first “spy shots” of components have hit the internet.

A manufacturer in Shenzen China is offering these iPad 2 backs (pictured above) as spares already. But whether these are components for the inevitable iPad 2 knock offs we will see in the future, or the real deal, is anybodies guess.

If it is real then the hole for a rear camera is pretty clear, it looks curved like the iPhone 3GS (yuck!), and perhaps reveals new speaker positions. Maybe even a dock connector high up on the side?

This is the latest update on the web page of the Japanese Mac Blog reporting this. Japanese to English translation (courtesy of Google)

Those living in areas of accessories maker, Shenzhen MacTop Electronics said to tell me to go see the office, one representative said, this is certainly iPad (2nd generation) argues the case for to have to spot, but the type of deliverable to be taken so troubled, so you look for orders may be possible, but I said I’ll call you sometime.

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