iCoverSkin Bumper Review – Provides Style and Protection [50% off Coupon Code]

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Bumpers have been an option for your iPhone ever since the iPhone 4 was launched and thanks to the fact that the iPhone 4S uses the same form factor they’ve continued to be used and have even been transferable for those people that have upgraded from one to the other.

This market has been dominated by Apple who have sold theirs for a dollar under $30 in a variety of covers and the Apple bumper in black has always been my go to case.

There is a new challenger for the crown of the bumper market in the form of the iCoverSkin Bumper though and it offers a couple go significant differences to the Apple alternative.

The first one is pretty obvious in that the top, bottom and sides of the bumper are clear allowing the sides of the iPhone to be seen and if your iPhone is wearing a full skin such as the ones that you can also purchase from iCoverSkin.com then that will show through as well, while you still benefit from the protection that you get from the bumper.

The other significant difference is the strength of the bumper which is constructed from a more rigid plastic than the Apple alternative while still providing a snug fit and access to all ports and buttons.

The irony in this case is that in providing such a form fitting bumper for the iPhone it can result in any skin that is being used on your device from being pushed up around the edges of your phone especially if you take it on and off regularly.


The iCoverSkin bumper comes in a choice of either black or white and can be purchased from iCoverSkin.com for $19.95 at present though you can get 50% off of that price using the steps below:

The coupon code is TOUCHREVIEWS. Offer expired Jul 31, 2012.

How to Redeem the Coupon:

  • Visit iCoverSkin.com
  • Select desired products by clicking “Add to Cart”.
  • When finished, click “Checkout” button.
  • Provide shipping information and click “Apply” at the bottom.
  • Select Shipping Method.
  • Enter the redemption code TOUCHREVIEWS into the “Coupon code” field on the right and click the arrow button.
  • Provide credit card information.


Rating: ★★★★½

What we like

  • Rigid plastic offers strong protection
  • Clear sides provides great visibility
  • Competitively priced

What to know

  • Snug fit can push up skins if used


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