DerManDar Panorama for iPhone Brings Panoramic Photos to the Masses

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DerManDar Panorama for iPhone-1DerManDar Panorama Review: I’m a big fan of panoramic photographs, there is something so engaging in the results that they can provide, especially with outdoor views of beautiful scenery. This has always been available via third party apps, or now via unlocking of the hidden panorama feature in iOS 5, and now there is a new app to the party in the form of DerManDar Panorama {$1.99}.

The DerManDar Panorama app is a partner application of of the DerManDar website and the app allows to both take panoramic photo’s and enables you to directly upload your results to the DerManDar website or view the pictures that others have uploaded.

The great thing about this app though is how simple it is to take panoramic photographs. Launching the app takes you directly into picture mode so it’s quick to take pictures. From there it instructs you to hold your device vertically and when you have done that the start button becomes available.

DerManDar Panorama for iPhone-2From that point on it’s a simple task of rotating your phone to bring the two onscreen markers together, each time that they do a new picture will be taken and this is repeated until you’ve completed a complete 360 or you click the finish button.

Once you’ve finished the process the pictures are instantly converted to a panoramic photo and if you’ve completed a full 360 set of pictures they will be stitched together to produce a picture that you can spin around in both directions.

The onscreen marker does a great job of showing you your progress and whether you are still holding the phone at the right angle and both of these factors are key in producing great panoramic shots.

DerManDar Panorama for iPhone-3Once the picture has been taken you can either choose to save to your device or discard it and start again. Any picture that you save to your device can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email and to your Picture Roll. The best results though are if you upload the picture to the DerManDer website which will allow you to share it with the world and provide a full 360 rotation of the picture.

Not only is this app a lot of fun and produce great results but it would be great for real estate agents who would be able to provide great 360 degree shots of the rooms in a house.

DerManDar Panorama is available in the App Store now for $1.99 and comes highly recommended for everyone with an iPhone.
Dermandar Panorama - Dermandar
What we like:

  • Simple to use
  • Great results
  • Great website integration

What to know:

  • Highly recommended


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