Apple’s iCloud To Make Backup and Restore Easier for Users

According to Macworld Associate Editor David Chartier’s source, whom he called “A little birdie”, Fifty percent of iPhone owners who have their devices swapped at the Genius Bar have never plugged them into a computer to backup or sync. Now, it seems that Apple’s iCloud could be a big hit among the group who never syncs. 

Syncing is a crucial aspect of owning an iPhone, it allows users to backup applications, contacts, mail settings, bookmarks and more back to the computer. The backup can be used to recover data in case of theft, damage or setting up a new device. iCloud will now allow users to use wi-fi sync and instantly backup to the cloud without connecting to a computer, something which 50% of users don’t do or do very rarely.

Backupophobes can get away with never touching iTunes after activating an iOS device. But folks obviously need to plug them into some kind of power source to recharge which, combined with a reachable WiFi network, is what triggers iCloud’s automatic backup feature. Sure, these customers can manually reinstall apps one by one from the store, but they have no way to recover any of their data or media purchased on the device. That holds true for contacts, too, if users didn’t sign up for MobileMe or even Google’s free (and, in my experience, terrible) contact sync.

Apple’s Genius Bar, when replacing iPod or iPhones can now be assured that iPods and iPhones are backed up and can properly be restored for the user. iCloud is the next big step for Apple, making it easier for end users, and Apple Geniuses who are trying to repair or replace a defective device.

{via MacRumors}


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