Amazon Withdraws Apple’s MobileMe as iCloud Launch Approaches

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MobileMe Withdrawn As iCloud Launch Approaches

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011) is set for June, and as well as announcements for iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion, we’re expecting the company to launch its cloud-based music streaming service dubbed iCloud. Further evidence to suggest that this service is looming comes from Amazon today, who has now ceased sales of Apple’s MobileMe service. Usually Apple launches next gen iPhone during WWDC however, it is widely believed that this year we might see iPhone 5 launch in September.

iCloud is expected to be a part of MobileMe, which currently offers a cloud service for email, contacts, calendars, and online storage. Apple stopped selling MobileMe in its retail stores back in February and removed the product from its online search forms, sparking rumors that the service would be revamped and new features – such as iCloud – would be available when it relaunches. It also stopped users from signing up online, instead offering them a 60 day free trial, which could be to keep customers sweet while Apple makes the changes.

iCloud is expected to offer subscribers with a cloud-based ‘music locker’ that will allow them to store their music collection online and stream it from internet-connected devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This means we can have instant access to every single track in our music libraries without taking up a single megabyte of storage on our iOS devices.

Amazon and Google have both launched online music services of their own in the run up to Apple’s iCloud launch, however, we’re expecting iCloud to be a little different. Apple is rumored to be in talks with the major record labels, which suggests its cloud service will give users the opportunity to stream and purchase music they don’t already own. Whereas Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google’s Music Beta only provide you with the ability to upload your own music and listen to the collection you already own.


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  • wondering who make this s up

     interesting story if it were accurate. It is not. Amazon is still selling Mobile Me.

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