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As we close out the first year at Touch Reviews, we’ve put together end-of-year iPhone games collection. iPhone games in 2009 achieved a new high after the release of OS 3.0. We witnessed iPhone game developers taking advantage of over 1000 new APIs and OpenGL ES Version 2.0 in the iPhone 3GS.

We asked our team of iPhone game reviewers to nominate their best iPhone games of 2009 and we finally came up with 10 must have iPhone games.

The 10 Best iPhone Games of 2009

  1. Flight Control – Firemint set the standard for time management games when they released Flight Control and it has been a firm fixture in the App Store charts ever since. (iTunes Link)
  2. Asphalt 5 – Gameloft redefined racing games for a portable device with Asphalt 5 by offering HD graphics, hidden shortcuts and true multiplayer over internet. (iTunes Link)
  3. Backbreaker Football – If you are talking about American Football games for the iPhone/iPod touch most people will be all about Madden 10 and NFL 2010 but Backbreaker is a great looking game where your simple goal is to run the ball to score a touchdown. The jukes, spins and not to mention the big, big hits makes this a winner for me every time. (iTunes Link)
  4. Auditorium – Not so much a game as a surreal journey of light and sound showing that EA can make the big games big and the small games special. (iTunes Link)
  5. Doodle Jump – It’s all about simplicity and addictiveness and with DoodleJump you get both. Simple navigate your DoodleJumper up the screen jumping from platform to platform trying to avoid the aliens. It sounds simple enough but it will have you coming back for more every time you play. (iTunes Link)
  6. Zen Bound – I have yet to come across another game that combines all the elements from the accelerometer and touch screen into a peaceful and beautiful game with such atmospheric music that draws images in your imagination while you play. No mere game but a thing of beauty, a work of art. (iTunes Link)
  7. Tap Tap Revenge 3 – Tapulous have been able to dominate the App Store with their immensely popular Tap Tap Revenge games. It is one of the oldest rhythm based games in the App Store and continues to be a sensation among iPhone gamers. (iTunes Link)
  8. 8 Track Mind – Many developers have created their own variations of memory and puzzle games but, 8 Track Mind is certainly one of the most unique musical games, a beautiful blend of  rhythm and memory based puzzle game. (iTunes Link)
  9. Homerun Battle 3D – Slamming a home run out of the stadium without worrying too much about running or catching has never been so much fun. The action is fast and frantic and it all results in a game that just can’t be put down. (iTunes Link)
  10. Eliminate Pro – ngmoco:) was one of the first established game publishers to offer their premium game for free. Eliminate Pro is an extremely addictive FPS with smooth controls and offers a very satisfying online multiplayer experience. The game was successful in creating a competitive gaming environment which compels the user to buy upgrades. (iTunes Link)



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