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How to Take Part

To take part in the contest, all you have to do is to send a tweet from your Twitter account with the hashtag #simplytweet. There are a few requirements:

  1. You must send the tweet using SimplyTweet (you can use the Lite version if you don’t wish to pay, but I appreciate your support).
  2. You must send the tweet from an account which is not protected. If I can’t see the tweet because it is deleted or protected, you can’t win.
  3. Say whatever you want in the text, but if you give a good reason why you ought to win the iPhone 3GS, maybe you will get lucky.


As an independent software developer working alone, having built a product (SimplyTweet) and made continuous updates to it (8 major updates in 8 months, with version 2.0 in the works), it is important to get people to know about the product.

I am going to run an experiment.


Starting 4th July 2009, GMT 12am, I will be running a contest for 7 days (till 10th July 2009 , GMT 11:59pm).

I will pick a winner randomly everyday which the contest is running. Each winner will win an iPhone Gift Card of $50 (see footnote 1). At the end of 7 days, I will personally pick an extra winner who will win an iPhone Gift Card of $199 (see footnote 1). According to Apple, this is the price for the 16GB version of iPhone 3GS (see footnote 1). The 1st 7 winners can win a maximum of 1 $50 iPhone Gift Card. The 8th winner can be anyone (i.e. one of the 1st 7 winners has a chance to win too).

You are free to tweet more than once.

I will announce with my Twitter account @simplytweet, everyday at GMT 4pm, the previous day’s winner and update this post with the winner list.


I’ll contact the winners only at the end of the contest and arrange for delivery of the gift cards by 31st August 2009.

Not all countries have iPhone gift cards available. If they are not, I will be willing to provide an iTunes voucher of equivalent value.

This is all in good spirit, but I reserve the right to have the final say of picking who the winners are and will not be liable for any dispute, harm or hurt caused. I also reserve the right to call off the contest if anyone gives me a good (read: very BAD) reason to. So play nice and let’s have some fun.

[1] According to Apple, the gift card can be used for all things Mac and iPod. See Apple for the official and final terms.

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]]> 4 10 Promo Codes Giveaway: SimplyTweet 1.7 (Now Live) Fri, 03 Jul 2009 18:45:18 +0000 Read More]]> SimplyTweet 1.7 is finally live and the developer (@simplytweet) just sent us 10 Promo Codes for giveaway!

The next version will feature themes and push notification!

You can win SimplyTweet, a powerful twitter app for your iPhone/iPod touch by Retweeting this Post (use the green tweet badge)

Read SimplyTweet Review

Main Changes in 1.7

– HootSuite integration: importing of Twitter accounts from HootSuite
– Add Posterous support for long tweets
– Tags support for Posterous: Hashtags in picture uploads to Posterous
are now converted to Posterous tags
– Allows you to choose from hashtags in the message you are replying to
– Changed Friends and Followers browsing (not picking of contacts for
tweet draft, etc) to paginate instead of loading all at 1 go
– Links to a user’s photos in TwitPic could not be opened from the
Tweet View. This is fixed.
– Display tweet count in account view
– Show different bubble colors when a tweet mentions your account (any
of your accounts) or is sent by you (any of your accounts)
– Added setting for changing image compression
– Add setting for alternative Retweet style (via)
– You can now delete a tweet if it is sent from any of your accounts.
Previously you can only delete tweets sent by the current account
– Landscape view for builtin web browser

– Bug fix: typing a recipient in DM draft view, followed by rotating
to landscape view and then back to portrait again will crash the app
– Bug fix: timestamp in message view does not respect settings for
timestamp format
– Bug fix: swiping across the upper pane in the account view which
reveal the swipe short buttons (it should not)
– Bug fix: while composing a tweet/DM, if the contacts picker window
is opened and then closed, the tweet/DM contents is sometimes wiped
– Bug fix: opening conversation from search results or a saved view did not work
– Fix bug: In post view, screen can be rotated right before camera
appears, causing unpredictable UI oddity
– Fix bug: Images which are too large could not be displayed in the photo viewer
– Bug fix: Long descriptions appear truncated in the account view
– While performing certain actions that pop up a dialog, e.g. while
sending a tweet, if the device is rotated, the dialog will remain in
portrait view, whereas the rest of the screen will rotate. This has
now been fixed.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Buy SimplyTweet

Price $3.99

]]> 6 App Review: SimplyTweet – Version 1.5 Fri, 22 May 2009 17:41:59 +0000 Read More]]> touch-reviews-iphone-app-reviews-simplytweet-icon[rating:3.5/5]

SimplyTweet developer @simplytweet has made more than 25 changes in the latest version 1.5

Some major updates are:

We reviewed SimplyTweet almost a month back. Since then this app has seen a number of updates and with version 1.4 we could not help but write a fresh post about it!

SimplyTweet has successfully transformed from being a simple twitter client to an app which does almost everything what a twitter app should do.

User Interface

SimplyTweet has a very clean and simple UI which displays tweets is large chat bubbles. It also supports mutiple accounts which you can access through ‘More’ option. When you click on an account it will ask you to confirm using that account. SimplyTweet displays tweets from your friends, mentions. messages (sent & received), Trends and Favorites. The ‘More’ option can be edited to rearrange your preferred view. The app has a refresh option on the top left and compose tweet option on the top right.

Reply, Post & User Profile

Once you choose to compose a tweet you have an option to attach pics and address multiple users in your tweet. While attaching a picture SimplyTweet also gives an option to Move & Scale the picture. It’s easy to switch accounts while composing the tweet by simply taping on your account name in the middle.

When you tap on a tweet you can either Reply, Retweet, Mark Favorite or View the conversation. SimplyTweet does not offer TweetShrink, TwitLonger or updating location services in this version. Clicking on a link brings up an inline web browser which gives you an option to either ‘Read Later’ or ‘Email Link’ but no ‘Repost Link’ option.

Taping on the twitter avatar of a user brings up their profile and there you can view their latest tweets, short bio, followers, friends and choose to follow or unfollow them. It also shows you if the user is following you or not. The more option on the top right in the user profile view gives you further options to Send Message, Send Public Reply, Add to Saved View and Edit Note.

Trends, Save Search, Saved Views & Notes

SimplyTweet also adds Trends and the ability to save search. Saved Views can be used to create different groups to track different sets of people and is a very helpful feature. Creating notes is a handy feature to quickly keep your ideas safe!


SimplyTweet has evolved from being a simple twitter client to a very useful twitter client. Saved View and Notes are the strongest features of this app.

official-app-store-badge_4Price $3.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Promo Codes

Retweet this post using the green retweet badge.

SimplyTweet Screenshots


]]> 1 SimplyTweet 1.5 Video Preview Fri, 01 May 2009 06:42:33 +0000 SimplyTweet for iPhone has some interesting features lined up for their next release. With many pro users having more than 2000 followers Saved View & Creating groups is a great way to never loose track of important tweets. The next version will also feature unread icon badge which Tweetie is yet to feature.

Check out the preview video!

]]> 2 App Review: SimplyTweet Sun, 22 Mar 2009 18:03:22 +0000 Read More]]> simplyReview

SimplyTweet very simple Twitter app which has 3 main functions, Friends (ie timeline), @Replies and Search which generally work well.


– View your timeline and replies
– Perform search
– Post tweets, RT
– Reply to tweets
– Follow and un-follow people
– Browse conversations – the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
– Built-in web browser
– Instapaper Support

Each post has an option to view the entire conversation compiling the tweets between user and the chosen contact in one screen, which I think is a great way to view tweets and wish more iPhone/iPod touch clients did it this way. However at the time of writing the conversation is easily broken leaving the feature rather pointless.

Tweet lists are similar to iChat bubble yet no where near as good, looking a little on the tacky side but the layout is pretty decent with user avatars only used once on a long stream of tweets from a single user (Touch Reviews I’m looking at you 😉 however it is not cached so you have to wait for the application to login on every launch and after using the built in browser which can be very tedious wait. There is also no option to load further tweets at the bottom of the list, you’re stuck with what the application serves you with and no option to increase the amount of tweets displayed either.

While the built in browser is a nice feature to have, it would be nice to have an option to use Safari instead to allow further actions on links you are interested in. Other issues I have with this application is landscape keyboard support, there is none, no accelerometer, no option to do it manually, your stuck in portrait. On another note I often find myself tapping the top of the window only to find it does not auto scroll to the top of the list often leaving you tapping for no good reason then having to scroll up manually.

To make matters worse (and I didn’t think it could get worse) this application costs more than Tweetie (my present Twitter client of choice at $2.99) while doing a whole lot less and simply put I cannot recommend SimplyTweet to anyone in it’s present state regardless of their level of knowledge of Twitter at this price.

Feature Request

Add all the power features you can possibly muster andto let the beginner start of with simple features and turn them on one by one as they become more experienced.

Price $3.99

The Good

The not so good

Reviewed by TylerDurdan

Promo Codes

To win SimplyTweet simply follow us on Twitter.

SimplyTweet Screenshots


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