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Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote event will go live today at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, will kick off the event with a keynote presentation at 10 AM Pacific Time.

At this years Worldwide Developers Conference Apple will unveil iOS 7 and the next major release for OS X. A live video stream of the keynote event will be available at Apple’s website and requires Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. The company has added a new section for streaming via Apple TV and requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later to stream the event.

iOS 7 will be the first release that has been developed under the leadership of Jony Ive, SVP of Industrial Design, as Apple fired Scott Forstall allegedly over Apple maps fiasco and an internal divide over the skeuomorphic design elements. In addition to a redesign iOS 7 is expected to open new API’s for developers giving more control over features and could also introduce AirDrop for iOS to make sharing between iOS devices easier.

No details have been available about what’s new in OS X. Apple usually previews new version of OS X earlier in the year however, it is believed that the company had to pull engineers from OS X team to work on iOS 7.

Banners for iOS 7 and OS X suggest a clean and flat design for the upcoming update. Apple is expected to release the software updates later this fall. Apple’s online store is down at the time of writing which suggests that the rumors about possible MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models could turn out to be true.

What are your expectations from this years keynote event? Let us know what you think in the comments section. To watch the live keynote event visit Apple’s website.

]]> 2 iOS 7 Home Screen Image Reportedly Leaks Shows ‘Flat’ Design Thu, 06 Jun 2013 15:35:41 +0000 Read More]]> iOS 7 Home Screen Leak

Apple’s next major mobile software release, iOS 7, is expected to receive a complete redesign of the user interface. Under the leadership of Jony Ive, the SVP of Industrial Design iOS 7 will get a “flatter” look.

An image recently posted by iDownloadBlog could possibly be the home screen in iOS 7. The photo appears to be taken of an iPhone running iOS 7 where the app icons look different when compared with iOS 6.

When you look at the current state of stock apps icons, it seems that all of them were designed by different teams. Most of them have a different look. They don’t have unified features that tie them all up together. Some of them have a gloss effect. Some of them don’t. Some of them have borders. Some of them don’t, etc…

From what we’ve seen, we believe Jony Ive’s touch on iOS 7 will homogenize the look of Apple’s stock apps icons.

While the authenticity of the photo could not be established, 9to5 Mac did note that the photo is of an early build of iOS 7 and added that the design has changed a lot since then.

It’s been widely reported that there was an internal divide in Apple over the use of skeuomorphic design elements. Jony Ive has been leading the hardware design at Apple and his focus has been clean minimalistic design. As he takes over of the human interface design of iOS many expect the user interface to be just like the hardware, clean and simple, without the glossy effect and the 3D textures.

iOS 7 will be unveiled at WWDC 2013 keynote presentation and will be released to users later this fall.

]]> 1 iOS 7 to feature AirDrop Wireless File Sharing Between iOS Devices and Mac? Wed, 05 Jun 2013 17:51:26 +0000 Read More]]> iOS 7 AirDrop

According to a new report iOS 7 will feature AirDrop wireless sharing between iOS devices and OS X. AirDrop for iPhone and iPad could make file sharing between devices much easier.

AirDrop has been a part of OS X Lion and was introduced to share files between Macs without the need for a WiFi network.  9to5Mac reports that AirDrop for iOS 7 could be integrated into the iOS share menu and allow sharing of files between iOS devices or even a Mac.

The feature will make it easier than ever to transfer, for example, a photograph or document from one person’s iPhone to another person’s iPad.

There are a few third party apps available in the App Store that allow sharing of photos, contacts, videos between iOS devices and Macs however there is no native solution to make sharing between devices easier.

When Apple introduced iCloud, it did try to resolve the issue of syncing photos across the devices you own however, sharing of individual files between friends’ or other devices is not easy. Android has a host of sharing features and with iOS 7 Apple could be looking at introducing some new ways to share files on iOS.

iOS 7 will be unveiled during WWDC 2013 keynote presentation. The next major iOS software release is expected to receive a major redesign under the leadership of Jony Ive.

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On Thursday, Apple held a special education event in New York City and introduced a number of software products, including the newest version of iBooks, iBooks 2, bringing textbooks to the iPad from large publishers including Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton-Mifflin.

Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad. All you need is an idea and a Mac. Start with one of the Apple-designed templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts. Add your own text and images with drag-and-drop ease. Use Multi-Touch widgets to include interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects, and more. Preview your book on your iPad at any time. Then submit your finished work to the iBookstore with a few simple steps. And before you know it, you’re a published author.

Apple also released an iBooks Author application, which allows users to create their own textbooks for the iPad 2. Since then, Apple has posted the video of the event to its site, alongside all other past events.

The Cupertino company also posted the Podcast for the event in both HD and standard formats. Apple is continuously increasing support for iBooks and is attempting to move into the e-reading market to compete with other popular reading devices such as the Nook and Kindle.

]]> 3 Apple’s iOS 5 to feature Twitter Integration? Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:30:53 +0000 Read More]]> Apple’s next generation software, iOS 5 will be unveiled during the WWDC keynote presentation on June 06. Apple recently confirmed that Steve Jobs will kick off the event. According to the latest reports Twitter is expected to be integrated at system-level in iOS 5. Twitter Inc. on Wednesday announced its own image services and the announcement is perfectly timed as iOS could be leveraging this functionality in iOS 5.

The latest offering from Twitter not only allows you to upload and share images but also presents them in search results using hashtags. Given the interest in photography apps and iPhone being the most used device to upload images to flickr we can certainly see the system-level twitter integration being a huge hit among avid twitter users.

If rumors are to be believed then Apple could be looking at building somthing called “MediaStreams” which will allow users set up “Photo Streams” and allow users’ friends to ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ for updates. The Cupertino based company could also be looking at introducing “Find my friends” which will be closely tied to the new social networking features.

We have been reporting on various rumors which outline the upcoming features in iOS 5. It is widely believed that iOS 5 will introduce a new notification system, widgets, cloud services tied and a completely revamped MobileMe.

Twitter and other social networking platforms being integrated at a system-level in iOS 5 certainly sounds very exciting and it will be interesting to see what Apple has in store for us.

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Everyone is excited about Apple’s upcoming media event on the 1st of September. From the invite it certainly looks as if the focus is on music. Steve Jobs is widely expected to finally reveal the new iPod touch 4G and the new iPod line up during the live live keynote presentation.

You may remember that a while ago we theorized that a shot of a leaked Apple component may give us some idea of Apple’s plans for an updated iPod Shuffle.

iLounge have got hold of some images of what looks a little like an iPhone Bumper style case with a clear back. Perhaps for the new iPod Touch 4G. The back of the case clearly has holes for a camera, and is curved slightly suggesting that new iPods will keep a similar design to earlier models, rather than follow the new iPhone 4 hard lines.

Alongside those they have a small square case which almost perfectly matches the form factor of the 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch screen that some theorise is the screen for an updated iPod Nano.

Could we see this at the September 1st event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

]]> 1 Apple iPod ‘Special Event’ Keynote on September 1 Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:02:10 +0000 Read More]]> Apple today sent out invitations for its annual music event which has now been confirmed to be held on September 1. The ‘Special Event’ is expected to reveal the new iPod line up, Apple TV and iTunes update.

A new iPod touch (4th gen) is widely rumored to be unveiled which will feature high resolution retina display, front facing camera with FaceTime Video, Apple’s A4 custom processor and three-axis gyroscope.

The blogosphere has been busy discussing the new Apple TV which will focus more on media streaming capabilities and will feature iOS integration.

The keynote event will be live on Wednesday September 1, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Are you excited about the event? Do you think Apple will surprise us with iTunes music streaming service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Apple iPod Event Keynote September 1

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