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Apple often airs ads for its products during major award shows and sports events, and continued the tradition during the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony by airing a series of 3 ads. However, these ads were not for the popular iPhone 4S, or the Siri personal assistant, but for Apple’s Genius Bar services.

The first ad, “Mayday” shows an Apple Genius aboard a plane, wearing his classic blue shirt when he gets approached by a frantic flight attendant who tells him that a passenger needs help editing an iMovie project. The Genius rushes over and helps the passenger in time for landing, and then runs over to another passenger who has trouble editing a keynote.

Following the release of “Mayday”, which aired at the beginning of the ceremony, Apple went ahead and aired “Labor Day”. In this ad, the Genius’ neighbor knocks on his door late at night to tell him that his wife has gone into labor, but veers off topic and begins to discuss iPhoto projects, Letterpress cards, and photo books. The Genius quickly describes some of the features of iPhoto and then says, “And we can talk about all of that, on the way to the hospital”.

At the end of the Olympic Game opening, Apple aired the third Genius Bar ad, called “Basically”. The ad showed the same Genius in the two previous ads standing at a food cart, when he is approached by a man who claims to have “basically” purchased a Mac.

The Genius begins to question the man and asks if his new “Mac” has iPhoto, iMovie, or Garageband and comes to realization that the computer he purchased was fake. Like all of the other Genius ads, Apple highlights some of the great features and applications only found on the Mac and ends the ad with the classic Apple logo, with the word “Mac” next to it.

These latest string of ads are very different than anything Apple has ever aired before, and does not focus on any specific feature. The ad instead focuses on the knowledge of the Mac and Apple services by Genius Bar employees.

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Alongside the new iPad, Apple also announced the availability of iPhoto for iPad, an app that was only available to Mac users in the past. Apple has updated all of their apps to take advantage of the new Retina Display in the new iPad, and also released updates to iMovie and GarageBand.

With iPhoto, Apple will now be offering a solution for photo organization on the iPad and editing of those photos. iPhoto for iPad offers a number of photo editing features including auto-enhancements such as straightening photos and fixing contrast. Brush palettes are also included with editing tools, ranging from red-eye removal, lighten, sharpen, soften, and darken. Images of up to 19 megapixels can be edited or viewed on iPhoto.

iPhoto, Apple’s popular photography app, has been completely reimagined for iOS to take full advantage of the Retina display and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures on iPad and iPhone. Simple gestures can be used to select and compare photos side by side and flag your best shots. iPhoto gives you full control over color, exposure and contrast, and you simply touch the parts of the image you want to change. You can enhance pictures by adding beautiful Apple-designed effects with just a tap, or apply adjustments exactly where you want them with fingertip brushes. In addition to posting photos to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone and iPad; stream photos and slideshows to your Apple TV with AirPlay; and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web and share your stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

iPhoto for iPad joins iMovie and GarageBand for iPad in the App Store and is be available for $4.99.

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With the release of Apple’s iPhoto 9.2 beta 3, some more news about Apple’s iPhone 5 comes to light. Buried in Apple’s upcoming Photo Stream instructions, an unusual image of what looks like an iPhone with a larger screen and elongated home button appeared.

Rumors about this being the actual iPhone 5 design spread across the web with this particular image attached as proof, while others suggesting that it could simply be artist rendition of a generic image.

However, by a long stretch, the image does provide many details that were rumored in previous months, including a smaller bezel all around, an elongated home button and a much wider screen, coming in around 4”. An image from MacRumors shows the “artist’s rendition” next to a blueprint of a possible iPhone 5, and here’s what comes out:

iPhone 5 Design Revealed

This just may be something serious and could possibly be what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. As in the past, it is known that Apple is very detailed with the graphics used to represent iOS devices in iTunes, iPhoto and other Mac apps. No word on whether Apple will remove this icon from the beta as yet.

The fifth gen iPhone is expected to feature the dual-core A5 chip, more RAM, 8 megapixel camera and thinner design.

Do you think this is the real deal? Would you buy an iPhone 5 if Apple released one with this design?

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]]> 8 Apple Incorporating Facebook into iPhone OS 4? Thu, 13 May 2010 17:37:40 +0000 Read More]]> Rumors are surfacing again that Apple (AAPL) are working with Facebook to integrate some of the social network’s functionality directly into iPhone OS 4. Business Insider are reporting that this will be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 7, 2010.

The least we will see, apparently, is the ability to pull Facebook contacts into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly from Facebook. But as Business Insider themselves say, this is a no-brainer. It’s little different than Apple offering automatic setups for Yahoo and GMail email accounts, for example.

It’s interesting to note that this last week or so Facebook have been busy altering some aspects of the way their security and privacy works. Quite often to the chagrin of their users, as things have not always gone smoothly (if Tweets I am seeing are anything to go by). I have to wonder if this is partly because of pressure that Apple may have put on Facebook before they commit, and the short time frame to the WWDC.

Other sources say that it’s possible that we may see some Facebook integration into the iPhone SDK, so that app developers can integrate social networking features more easily directly into their products.

Another rumor is some kind of Facebook messaging integration, or even a feature that ties phone caller info and Facebook profiles together.

It is worth noting, as Business Insider also point out, that Apple’s iPhoto app already offers Facebook features. And that some 34.2 million people were using the Facebook iPhone app as of last month. So it shouldn’t be surprising if the two companies decide to work together to some greater or lesser degree.

I am no fan of Facebook personally. But from a business perspective it seems Apple perhaps would be silly to ignore a service which is obviously so popular with the masses.

Will you welcome tighter Facebook integration on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

[businessinsider] ]]> 0 15 Apple iPad details you might have missed Wed, 31 Mar 2010 20:32:10 +0000 Read More]]> Earlier this week we reported that Apple posted iPad guided tours which details the user interface and features of all the native iPad apps.

The iPad guided tour focuses on how one can take advantage of its unique features and large display. We found a few details in the guided tour which we thought were interesting to note.


iPad Bookmark

Safari on iPad will allow you to access your favourite sites by tapping the address bar to reveal new bookmarks bar.

iPad Video

Another interesting feature to note was that the browser will allow you to play videos without leaving the page.


iPad Mail App

The iPad mail app will display an image of the sender on the right side.


iPad Photos

Apple’s native photos app for the iPad will enable you to to skim the pictures with the bar at the bottom in addition to viewing them by flicking your finger on the screen.

iPad Photos Events Faces Places

If you own an iMac and use iPhoto to sync your your albums then you will be able to view your photos in Events, Faces and Places.

iPad Photos MobileMe

When you tap the options menu in the Photos app you will be able to share photos by sending it to your MobileMe gallery.

iPad Photos Slideshows

Apple has enhanced the Photos apps to a great extent and expects you to use your iPad as a digital photo frame. You will be able to play your own Music from the iTunes library and select transitions from the available options (Cube, Dissolve, Ripple, Wipe, Origami)


iPad YouTube

When you tap on a video to watch it you can see the details below the video. While the video is playing you will be able to add it your favourites, Share, Rate or Flag it.

iPad YouTube Sidebar

When you are done watching the video, you can access the sidebar on the right to see related videos, more videos by the same user or add a comment.


iPad iTunes Genius

Apple has integrated Genius in the new iPad iTunes app, this will allow you to discover new music based on your existing music library and purchases.


iPad iBooks Dictionary

The iPad features a built-in dictionary which will enable you to look up a particular word while reading an ebook using the iBooks app.

iPad Screen Orientation Lock

The screen orientation lock will allow you to read eBooks in your preferred angle without changing the device orientation.


iPad Keynote Magic Move

Keynote for iPad is a powerful app to create stunning presentations and it features some advanced features which can be implemented with simple multitouch gestures. You can style the pictures in the presentations with picture frames, shadows, reflections, control the border, angle of the shadow and even adjust the opacity. You can add advance transitions  to your presentation by selecting Magic Move and let keynote build sophisticated transitions for you.

iPad Keynote Share

You can share your presentations via email, upload to or export it as a keynote or pdf file.


iPad Pages Skim

If you’re working on a large document with many pages then you can use the page navigator by sliding your finger on the side to preview the pages and jump to the exact page you were working on.

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