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There are a number of iPhone games that use music as a backdrop for game play. Tapulous’ popular Tap Tap Revenge series immediately comes to mind. The thing about games like Tap Tap Revenge is that they require you to buy content to play with which, on an iPhone full of music, might seem like a needless expense. The upcoming game Tune Runner from Appy Entertainment takes a more revolutionary path, using your existing music library as the in-game content.

In Tune Runner, the player must make their way through various environments by drawing the shapes that move from right to left on the screen. Successfully draw the shape through touch on the screen and your robot Grov-ee continues on his journey, unsuccessfully draw the shape and your robot loses a little bit of his life. If you miss enough shapes your life meter drains and your mission is over. As I alluded to in the beginning though, Tune Runner’s revolutionary aspect is in the creation of the game environment. Tune Runner scans the music on your iPhone and for each level played you select a song. The game then generates the level dynamically based on that song. Every level is different, no two plays are ever the same. Even two plays on the same song are different.

Tune Runner for iPhone also implements some nice extras in addition to the solid game play. Tune Runner implements full OpenFeint support with global high scores and achievements. Additionally, after you complete a song, your score is submitted against all other scores for that song. This is an interesting twist on social gaming since usually overall global high score is usually king.

The other interesting extra is how game play and game price are connected. Instead of pasting banner ads to every empty space in the application or charging more for the game, Tune Runner takes another approach. Each new game is allotted a certain number of plays of the game. To earn more plays of the game the user can either purchase them or earn them the Recharge mini-game. Purchasing them is a straightforward proposition. The Recharge mini-game is a little bit more interesting. Play is the same as the main game but instead of Grov-ee, a battery is displayed. Each shape that is successfully drawn places a bit more energy in the battery. When the battery reaches full charge an additional play is earned. To subsidize this, banner ads are displayed during the Recharge mini-game which is a small price to pay for this fun little mini-game and additional plays of the game.

I look forward to playing the final version of Tune Runner. It looks to be an innovative game with a fun and interesting interface. I think Appy has a winner on its hands.

Previewed By: Erin Peterson

Early Screenshots

Tune Runner iPhone Tune Runner iPhone1 Tune Runner iPhone2 Tune Runner iPhone6 Tune Runner iPhone9

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Mobile gaming is all about the ability to pick up and play a game and that’s not always possible with an in depth RPG, however, that may have just changed with Caligo Chaser from Com2uS.

You take the roll of a young knight who in order to repay a debt takes on the task of solving cases and builds his skills and abilities. While the story may not be the strongest aspect of the game it’s told with a degree of humor that keeps things moving along well enough. As with most games of this style the story is told via text but with the ability of being able to fast forward through the text it means that you won’t get bogged down.

A virtual d-pad and action button are all you need for the game itself and other than the d-pad being a little unforgiving at times the controls work well. The same can not be said for the navigation menu’s which in it’s current beta release are too small to navigate easily. The graphics are anime style and while they may not be ground breaking they also don’t detract from the game itself while the sound effects and music are your standard RPG variety.

Winning the battles can usually be achieved by your standard button bashing however that’s not going to make your progression through the game. Winning the battles using a variety of attacks, combo’s and speed will improve your ranking and earn you bigger points and rewards. Your rewards and points can be used to for items which in turn can be combined for even bigger, better and more powerful items which as you progress through the land will be more and more essential to your success.

If you’ve played similar games before you are going to be perfectly at home here and yet for a newcomers to the genre the difficulty level increases at a smooth pace which makes it feel the first few quests feel like a basic tutorial.

Caligo Chaser, even in the beta release, is a challenging and engaging RPG and it should ensure the Com2us’s success in the App Store continues where it left off.

Previewed By: Craig Willis

Beta Build Screenshots

Caligo Chaser 3 Caligo Chaser 4 Caligo Chaser Caligo Chaser_1 Caligo Chaser_2 Caligo Chaser_3 Caligo Chaser_4 Caligo Chaser_5 ]]> 1 Hot News | Guerrilla Bob-Minigore Cross Over Announced Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:51:41 +0000 Read More]]> We just received some hot news from Chillingo about their upcoming game for iPhone/iPod touch called Guerrilla Bob. The game has already become very popular even before its release, it has entered the final stage of testing and will  be submitted to Apple later this week.

The most interesting twist about Guerrilla Bob is that John Gore, star of Minigore is joining Guerrilla Bob for some one on one shoot out action.

The developers have also made some changes to the background story of Guerrilla Bob (read the old story)

Guerrilla Bob Story

It all started with two best friends. Bob and John Gore have been friends since they were 10, and continued to be best buddies through high school, and then through college.

Eventually, Bob decided to enroll in the army, while John Gore chose a life of crime and money.

Bob got great achievements and got promotion after promotion, until he got to be a national hero.

Jealous of his success, John Gore set him up so that Bob would look like a corrupt soldier. So Bob was kicked out of the army.

With nothing left to do, Bob decided to get REVENGE, and became a rebel.
From then on, he would go by the name Guerrilla Bob. One day, Bob found that the army had a plan to nuke the place where his old friend John Gore had his troops. He sabotaged the plan, so he’d go in by himself and hunt them down one by one.

Latest Trailer

Guerrilla Bob-Minigore Screenshots

guerrilla_bob_screenshot_6[4] guerrilla_bob_screenshot_A[4] guerrilla_bob_screenshot_D[4] ]]> 0 ‘Cogs’ For iPhone: Sophisticated Mind Bending Puzzle Game | Preview Fri, 08 Jan 2010 09:34:33 +0000 Read More]]> screenshot-rocket-win

Independent Games Festival finalist and now partnering with Chillingo, Lazy 8 Studios is certainly having a great new year. We received an update from Chillingo regarding their upcoming game for iPhone developed by Lazy 8 Studios called ‘Cogs’.

Cogs is one of the most stylish and sophisticated mind bending puzzle game you might ever come across for an iPhone. Almost every other request at Touch Reviews being a puzzle game (Match 3 puzzles!) Cogs proved to be a surprisingly pleasant change and a new take on the puzzle game genre. PC version of Cogs has already been a success and if you play a few levels (download free demo) you will begin to realize that this game reflects high quality and its design creates a fantastic gaming experience.

The main object is to solve puzzles which are presented as parts of machines and need to be connected in order to make the machine functional. Machines comprise of various gadgets which include gears, pipes, hammers, chimes, balloons and much more. Players will be able to choose from 50 levels and 3 gameplay modes.

Cogs is much more than just a puzzle game. If you love puzzle games or ever wanted to build a machine and see it work this is the perfect game for you.

Cogs will be available for iPhone/iPod touch this January!

Cogs Trailer (PC Version)

Cogs Teaser (iPhone Version)

Cogs iPhone Screenshots

screenshot-chime-pyramid screenshot-color-mix screenshot-crossing screenshot-helios screenshot-hovercube screenshot-jack screenshot-pipe-box screenshot-plumber screenshot-rocket-win screenshot-spinwheel screenshot-success ]]> 2 Guerrilla Bob For iPhone | All Set To Bring Mayhem On Your iPhone Fri, 08 Jan 2010 06:38:20 +0000 Read More]]> guerrilla_bob_2

Chillingo has been publishing highly polished games for the iPhone, their name is almost synonymous with ‘awesome iPhone games’ They have been successful in producing many popular games like Zen Bound, iDracula – Undead Awakening and Minigore to name a few. Chillingo is all set to release their upcoming game Guerrilla Bob which has been developed by Angry Mob Studios.

Gameplay videos after the break!

We have been noticing an increase in the number of survival shooting games and there are some exceptional games available in the App Store if you love this genre and Minigore (iTunes, $1.99) from Chillingo is certainly worth checking out.

Guerrilla Bob For iPhone has been creating a lot of buzz and the gameplay videos have been viewed more than 45,000 times on YouTube in the past two months. Guerrilla Bob is a dual stick survival shooting game for iPhone and iPod touch with high detail cartoon style 3D graphics.

Angry Mob Studios have presented the game very well with beautiful artwork and music. You play as Guerrilla Bob in this top-down shooter and your mission is to take revenge from his friend and his troops who set him up to look like a corrupt solider.

The game is going through the polishing stage now and will be ready to be published in the coming weeks.

Guerrilla Bob For iPhone Gameplay Videos

Guerrilla Bob Screenshots

guerrilla_bob_1 guerrilla_bob_2 guerrilla_bob_3 guerrilla_bob_4 guerrilla_bob_enemies_01 guerrilla_bob_enemies_02 guerrilla_bob_enemies_03 guerrilla_bob_enemies_04 guerrilla_bob_enemies_05 guerrilla_bob_enemies_06 guerrilla_bob_enemies_07 ]]> 1 Gelex: Upcoming Physics Based Match 3 Style Game From Handjoy and Granny Coder Mon, 09 Nov 2009 20:53:49 +0000 Read More]]> The App Store is filled with many Match 3 style puzzle games and almost every fourth review request we receive is for a puzzle game based on the similar genre. Since iPhone is great for casual puzzle games, developers continue to develop variations of the same style and generally it results in huge success.

Some iPhone developers have been successful in creating unique gameplay while sticking with the more traditional game styles. Alchemize is one such noteworthy game which is truly an addictive new take on an old favorite.

Handjoy and Granny Coder will be releasing Gelex, a physics based match 3 style puzzle game for the iPhone soon. The game appears to be a hybrid of Tetris and Topple.

Main goal of the game is to help crazy physicist Alex destroy his newly invented matter called Gelex.
Gelex takes form of small, quite annoying, jelly bricks and the only way to destroy them is to match
them by color in special vaporizing machine. The more matches you make, the higher your score.

Gelex takes advantage of the Chipmunk physics engine on the iPhone and has entered the final testing phase of the development process. The game will debut on Apple App Store at the beginning of December 2009.

Gelex: Upcoming iPhone Game Screenshots

Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_1
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_1
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_2
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_2
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_3
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_3
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_4
Gelex Upcoming iPhone Game_4

Gelex – iPhone game – beta in action!

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