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[rating: 3.5/5]

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword Review: I loved Mirrors Edge, it was one of the first games that I brought for my iPad and I played it almost non-stop, sliding, jumping, swinging and rolling through the scrolling levels it worked great. Well, if you’ve played Mirrors Edge you be right at home here, minus the cutting edge graphics!

Your Plasma Sword is your only defense against an invasion of intergalactic creatures, well, that and your swift feet that will see you running, jumping and sliding through the levels.

You’ll find yourself running and leaping from left to right as you attempt to avoid traps, pitfalls, meteors and other items that will be detrimental to your health and as you progress through the levels and things get faster you will need quick reactions to prevent a premature end to your adventures.

With running being taken care of automatically your only concern is with the jump, slide and attack buttons which are on the left and right hand side of the screen. These buttons work well but sometimes, especially on later levels, it is possible to miss them in the frantic action.

For added value there are two game modes. The main story mode see’s you making your way through multiple levels of action and end of level bosses and while this is fun I prefer the endless mode where you are tasked with achieving various milestones to earn XP which you can then use to unlock levels, upgrade abilities and change your plasma sword.

The game graphics and sound are ok, but could certainly be improved on and are rather lackluster, however, what it lacks in polish it makes up for in humor with seemingly a million and one things that you shouldn’t do with a plasma sword.

To add to the two game modes there are 30+ achievements and Leaderboards via the OpenFeint and GameCenter integration that add to the hours of fun that you can have while not running with a plasma sword!

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Dont Run With a Plasma Sword-1 Dont Run With a Plasma Sword-4 Dont Run With a Plasma Sword-2 Dont Run With a Plasma Sword-5 Dont Run With a Plasma Sword-3 ]]> 0 AstroStar for iPhone 4 Get Ready for Some Intergalactic Action Mon, 21 Mar 2011 22:40:10 +0000 Read More]]> AstroStar for iPhone 4 Game

AstroStar for iPhone 4

[rating: 3.5/5]

Get ready for some intergalactic action in AstroStar for iPhone. The game combines use of a jetpack, laser gun and the gyroscope from your iPhone to navigate through four levels on different planets. You play as a character that is outfitted with a space suit in a low gravity atmosphere while trying to obtain stars and shoot the asteroids that damage you if you collide.

The game uses a very simple control system that consists of tapping an icon in either bottom corner of the screen or by tapping the asteroids to shoot them with your laser gun. The other aspect of the control system is the gyroscope. It controls the direction you go when you jump and use your jetpack which is very important because you lose life each time you hit an asteroid. The games have a life meter that is lowered by running into asteroids. You can regain health by grabbing hearts that pop up randomly throughout the game. The guide provided at the beginning of the game is very useful in giving you an idea of what everything is and what exactly it does. It is fairly simple to understand what you have to do after seeing this guide.

AstroStar for iPhone 4 Tips

AstroStar for iPhone 4 Tips

The gameplay is very simple yet addictive. From the beginning you have two weapons at your disposal, bombs and a laser gun. The bomb blows up all of the asteroids on the screen which you get points for. This comes in very handy when the screen starts getting crowded and it gets difficult to move around and avoid the asteroids. The laser gun is pretty cool as it allows you to shoot the asteroids instead of having to always rely on the gyroscope to avoid them. A word to the wise though, you will have to shoot the larger asteroids more than the smaller ones so be sure it explodes before you bump it and it takes your life away.

AstroStar for iPhone 4

AstroStar OpenFeint

This game is all about multitasking and making sure you take advantage of what is given to you. Throughout the game you will see different things that will aid in your journey. Fuel for your jetpack will randomly appear which becomes a necessity to stay alive. Bombs will also be floating around up for grabs to aid in the destruction. You can’t overstate the importance of fuel for your jetpack as gravity is one of your biggest enemies in this game.

The visual and audio aspects of AstroStar are impressive. The images look good but are not overdone. It’s got a sort of cartoony feel but it is very suitable for this type of game and actually meshes quite well. The audio is solid. Nothing overly impressive but certainly sufficient to go along with a fun game.

AstroStar for iPhone 4 level

AstroStar Level Cleared

Overall the game has addictive gameplay and plenty of variables that change the experience to keep you coming back for more. It also supports OpenFeint which is a social gaming network that allows for recording your high scores and comparing them with friends and people everywhere. The fast paced gameplay makes for an addictive game experience.



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Updated: Mar 08, 2011
Current Version: 1.2
1.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 21.1 MB
Language: English
Seller: codegent ltd
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Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

]]> 1 Review Star Trek: Impressive Intergalactic Shooter Game Tue, 26 May 2009 19:29:39 +0000 Read More]]> [Rating: 4/5]

Star Trek is a challenging intergalactic shooter game with great graphics and sound effects!

Play the official STAR TREK® iPhone™and iPod® touch game, the most intense shoot‘em up action-adventure available on the App Store!

Soar through galaxies as the captain of the USS Enterprise on a mission to complete your intergalactic obligation to seek and destroy your enemies! Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk make special appearances to assist you on your journey through space and time. Valiantly fight alongside and against familiar ships from the series like the Keldon, Valdore, and K’tinga. Be one of the first to “BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE!”

Star Trek from Electronic Arts is based on the hugely popular Blockbuster movie which certainly brings the engaging on screen storyline to your touch screen!

The basic objective of this game is to shoot all the aliens as you pilot your ship through an intergalactic mission. Star Trek for iPhone/iPod touch features two modes; Quick Play (jump straight into the game) and Campaign (Conquer different sectors)

In Campaign mode each sector is divided into three objectives; Primary Objective, Secondry Objective 1 and Secondry Objective 2. As you progess through different sectors and objectives you can unlock various achievements to earn stars which are required for weapon upgrades. The overall manuvering of the ship is quite impressive as it can titlt in extreme angles to dodge the asteroids.

The space environment doesn’t change much throughout the game, but the alien ships and the weapons are highly detailed and gives a true sense of intergalactic shooter game.

There are three options for controlling the ship, you can either choose accelerometer, on screen joystick or direct control (touch anywhere). While playing Star Trek I found direct control the best and easy way to get most kills. The game features a large number of options for weapons, upgrades and in-game power ups. Choose and upgrade Torpedoes. Phaser, Tractor Beam, Shield and lots more. There is an option to turn off the auto-firing but we recommend staying with auto-firing to maintain better control over the ship and for a better High Score.

Star Trek is a must have for all who enjoyed the movie while on the other hand as a shooter game it won’t disappoint you.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

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Star Trek Screenshots

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