Review Star Trek: Impressive Intergalactic Shooter Game

[Rating: 4/5]

Star Trek is a challenging intergalactic shooter game with great graphics and sound effects!

Play the official STAR TREK® iPhone™and iPod® touch game, the most intense shoot‘em up action-adventure available on the App Store!

Soar through galaxies as the captain of the USS Enterprise on a mission to complete your intergalactic obligation to seek and destroy your enemies! Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk make special appearances to assist you on your journey through space and time. Valiantly fight alongside and against familiar ships from the series like the Keldon, Valdore, and K’tinga. Be one of the first to “BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE!”

Star Trek from Electronic Arts is based on the hugely popular Blockbuster movie which certainly brings the engaging on screen storyline to your touch screen!

The basic objective of this game is to shoot all the aliens as you pilot your ship through an intergalactic mission. Star Trek for iPhone/iPod touch features two modes; Quick Play (jump straight into the game) and Campaign (Conquer different sectors)

In Campaign mode each sector is divided into three objectives; Primary Objective, Secondry Objective 1 and Secondry Objective 2. As you progess through different sectors and objectives you can unlock various achievements to earn stars which are required for weapon upgrades. The overall manuvering of the ship is quite impressive as it can titlt in extreme angles to dodge the asteroids.

The space environment doesn’t change much throughout the game, but the alien ships and the weapons are highly detailed and gives a true sense of intergalactic shooter game.

There are three options for controlling the ship, you can either choose accelerometer, on screen joystick or direct control (touch anywhere). While playing Star Trek I found direct control the best and easy way to get most kills. The game features a large number of options for weapons, upgrades and in-game power ups. Choose and upgrade Torpedoes. Phaser, Tractor Beam, Shield and lots more. There is an option to turn off the auto-firing but we recommend staying with auto-firing to maintain better control over the ship and for a better High Score.

Star Trek is a must have for all who enjoyed the movie while on the other hand as a shooter game it won’t disappoint you.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

The Good

  • Range of weapons and upgrades to choose from
  • Engaging gameplay as Scotty, Kirk, Spock (crew) appear on screen to warn you.
  • Great sound effects

The Not So Good

  • No online scores
  • Repetitive and slow

Star Trek Screenshots

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2 Comments on “Review Star Trek: Impressive Intergalactic Shooter Game”

  1. dlb

    Excellent – I love to watch Star Trek on tv and movies – so this will be great fun. Hey EA why not make a Stargate game! That would be really cool!!

  2. dlb

    Excellent – I love to watch Star Trek on tv and movies – so this will be great fun. Hey EA why not make a Stargate game! That would be really cool!!

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