iPhone, iPad Games, Apps, Reviews, News Thu, 30 Jul 2015 08:09:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Apple updates iPhone 6 World Gallery films with new videos Fri, 26 Jun 2015 08:41:53 +0000 Read More]]> Apple launched its “shot on iPhone 6″ campaign in March this year which features photos taken by users. The campaign was recently expanded to include videos and now the company has featured select 15 seconds video clips and posted them on its website.

Apple updated its video collection on Thursday by adding two new videos titled “Shot on iPhone 6 by Jirasak P.” and “Shot on iPhone 6 by Willian P.” The new clips added to the “World Gallery films” showcase slow motion capabilities of the iPhone 6.

“Shot on iPhone” ad campaign turned out to be a huge success for Apple and the company received the top Outdoor Lions prize at the Cannes Festival for its campaign.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has used user-generated content to market features of its flagship devices. Even during keynote presentations the company has often featured photos and videos taken by its staff.

Apple’s marketing and advertising efforts have always focused on experience with the device rather than its technical feature set. This strategy has worked out well for the company as its campaigns have almost always struck the right chord.

iPhone’s camera is by far the most popular camera in the world according to Flickr users. In the top 5 list Flickr lists top three devices as iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 respectively.

Apple has remained committed to make the camera on iPhone better with each new model as it develops it’s own software and even sensors to make sure that the resulting photos are nothing short of extraordinary.

Checkout the World Gallery and Films here.


]]> 0 iPhone continues to be the most popular “camera” owned by Flickr users Mon, 12 Jan 2015 10:25:30 +0000 Read More]]> Apple may never introduce a dedicated camera device however, it sure is not losing out on any limelight in the camera industry. According to Flickr’s 2014 most popular camera list Apple features in the top 3 positions in the 2014 top individual cameras owned, the fourth position is taken by Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D7000 is at fifth position.

If you consider only mobile cameras then Apple sweeps the top 5 category with top four ranks featuring iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5c. In 2013 the original iPhone was at the fifth position but this year Samsung Galaxy S3 replaced the fifth spot.

The most interesting rank in the stats shared by Flickr is that Apple is now the second most popular “camera brand”. Last year the company featured at third position.

When the original iPhone was launched in 2007 it featured a modest 2 MP camera with no flash and not many editing or sharing features. It was the iPhone 4 that received a major camera upgrade. It’s been eight years since the launch of the first gen iPhone and the improvements the company has been making to it’s camera is clearly winning the hearts of its users.

Sunset from moving car - on explore november 30th -2014

Apple introduced the all-new iPhone 6 in September 2014 and within 3 months it already featured at number 7 claiming 1% share of top mobile cameras according to Flickr. With new features like Focus Pixel, improved face detection, image stabilisation, burst mode and exposure control Apple is making sure that it retains the top spot in 2015 as well.

It is important to consider that it is not just the camera hardware but, also the software that made iPhone reach this far by enabling easy edit and share options. The Photos app in iOS 8 received a major upgrade adding photo filters, advanced exposure, light and color controls.

Unlike its competitors Apple hasn’t focused on “megapixels” what it has done is focus on making it easier for users to take great photos.

We’ll have to wait until the end of 2015 to find out if Apple can retain its existing position or it may just topple Canon for the number one camera brand.


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