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AT&T is reportedly planning to launch a blocking service that will allow users to report stolen phones and tablets, a service which of course, includes the iPhone as well. On Friday, The Verge reported based on a source that AT&T is in fact, looking to launch this blocking service on Tuesday, July 10th.

According to our source, AT&T “will have no directory of blocked phones,” but it is not yet clear what this means in practice. AT&T’s guidance states that “only the person who originated a block may request block removal,” a rule which suggests that the company will keep a central list of blocked phones matched to customers.

Apple already offers Find my iPhone for its users to help track iPhones, iPads, and Macs and allows them to remote wipe all of the data, including a tracking service via iCloud that pinpoints the location of the phone on a map. The blocking service by AT&T does something similar, but also blocks the voice, data, and messaging plans.

Perhaps, AT&T’s plan with this new service would block all services, and would shut off the SIM card, as opposed to a customer reporting it themselves. U.S Carriers already have a directory of lost and stolen cellphones, but this new service will likely allow the users to control when and how their data would be protected by using the new service.

According to the report, the same user who initiates the block can only request a block removal. It is unclear exactly how AT&T plans to incorporate the service into their current plans and already existing technology, but will likely explain in a press release on the assumed launch date of July 10th.

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Zio Ball Review

Zio Ball is a bit of pinball, a bit of a maze, a bit of Cut the Rope, and more difficult than a first glance would indicate. The challenge is to place magnetic spots that pull or push your ball toward the escape hatch.

Zio Ball is easy to understand and has few controls to master. You are given an obstacle course with a ball placed in it and magnetic spots to position in relation to the course to move the ball to the escape hatch. The red magnets pull the ball and the blue magnets push it. But getting these magnets placed so they have just the right amount of influence on the ball is the tricky part. Beyond placing the magnets, the only other control is turning them on or off. That allows you to drop the ball at strategic times to send it rolling in a useful direction.

Placing the magnets in just the right locations to move the ball through the course isn’t easy. Just a nudge one way or the other can leave the ball motionless or jammed between the magnet and the course. And coordinating the push and pull of the magnets with the timing of the on/off switch can take several attempts to get right. And refraining from trying to swing or tilt the ball using the accelerometer is hard to overcome.

The industrial look of the game suits the task perfectly. The setting of the courses resembles a tunnel or an engineering deck. There are controls for music and sounds, but I couldn’t hear anything. There’s also a control for vibration, which did work and provided feedback when the magnets were interacting with the ball.

While simple in concept and controls, Zio Ball offers a surprising level of difficulty. There are plenty of levels and courses to keep the challenge going. Zio Ball takes a bit more concentration and puzzle solving skill than many games. And if it starts to get easy, there’s always the challenge of beating your best time.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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On Monday, Apple’s iPhone officially turned 5 years old, marking a historic moment, when Steve Jobs took introduced Apple’s revolutionary mobile phone.

On January, 9, 2007, Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs came on stage with a huge presence, ready to introduce the product that would change the smartphone market forever. About 20 minutes into the presentation, Mr. Jobs introduced the iPhone, with a 3.5” multitouch display, extraordinary metal design, and a combination of Mac OS X and Apple’s own brew of a mobile operating system, later renamed iOS.

In 2007, the tech industry had never seen such a device, with customers lining up at every Apple Store in the United States to get their hands on one. In 2008, Apple followed up with its success of the iPhone with the iPhone 3G, followed by the 3GS in 2009, and the iPhone 4 in 2010. The most recent, the iPhone 4S outsold every model introduced in Apple’s history.

Apple has experienced a drastic increase in sales each year, leading to a record one million iPhone 4S sales on the first day of release. The iPhone was introduced at the MacWorld 2007 conference, with an excellent salesman strategy by Steve Jobs, announcing that Apple would be introducing three products a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communicator. Jobs later revealed that all three were included on one device.

Apple changed the the technology market as we know it, and it all started with the iPhone, which led to the iPad and iPod touch and even innovation in Apple’s desktop software. On January, 9, 2007, Apple made history, and made us all realize how a combination of design, technology, and a little customer appreciation could have such a powerful effect.

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Fishtank-Manager [rating: 3.5/5]

When I first read about Fishtank-Manager I had my doubts about how managing a fishtank could be anything more than boring and dull. But then again if you’d had told me that landing planes (Flight Control), managing taxis (Taxi Jam) or landing parachutists (Parachute Panic) would be engrossing and addictive fun I would have laughed at you too. First impressions therefore can be deceptive, so has Fishtank-Manager deceived me too?

– Cute & crazy comic fishes
– 3 game modes: “Normal“, “Crazy“ und “Chill“
– Quick and easy gameplay, also for casual gamers
– Online HiScores with CountryChallenge contest
– iPhone optimized drag & drop control
– Publish your scores on facebook

The objective of the game is to catch the aquarium residents, stop them from eating each other and then sell them. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? However, the fish come thick and fast and should any of them make it to the other side of the screen before you catch them and place them in one of your aquariums you lose a life.

Each aquarium can only hold 5 fish and if you try to add a sixth that’s another one of your 5 lives gone. The fish also behave as they would in nature, certain fish will eat other fish and fish of the same species will also breed. While letting fish eat each other won’t cost you any of your lives it will reduce your score so careful tank management is always required.

As you maintain your aquariums customers will also request certain fish and if you get to them quickly enough they will purchase all of the fish of the type they ask for earning you not only points but another empty aquarium for you to continue to fill again.

Each level has a certain number of sales for you to satisfy before you can progress to the next level which will not only bring a higher number of sales but also new fish for your tanks along with new eating behaviors to be aware of.

There are three game modes to choose from, Normal, Crazy and Chill which can really rack up the pressure while online scoring spilt into Global, Country and Country Challenge mode where the scores of all players from each country are added together to really add to the fun. Not to mention the Facebook integration that will publish your score to your Facebook page at the click of a button.

The graphics don’t exactly jump off the screen and the music is your simple background music fare as this game survives on game-play alone. The drag-n-drop controls work perfectly as you drag the fish into the tanks and the tanks to the customers. If there was any downside to the game it would be the lack of instructions which means it takes a few plays before you know what you are doing and no multi-player options but all in all this is a great causal app for gamers of all ages.

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Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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