Fishtank-Manager: Great Causal Game For Gamers Of All Ages

Fishtank Manager iPhone

Fishtank-Manager [rating: 3.5/5]

When I first read about Fishtank-Manager I had my doubts about how managing a fishtank could be anything more than boring and dull. But then again if you’d had told me that landing planes (Flight Control), managing taxis (Taxi Jam) or landing parachutists (Parachute Panic) would be engrossing and addictive fun I would have laughed at you too. First impressions therefore can be deceptive, so has Fishtank-Manager deceived me too?

– Cute & crazy comic fishes
– 3 game modes: “Normal“, “Crazy“ und “Chill“
– Quick and easy gameplay, also for casual gamers
– Online HiScores with CountryChallenge contest
– iPhone optimized drag & drop control
– Publish your scores on facebook

The objective of the game is to catch the aquarium residents, stop them from eating each other and then sell them. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? However, the fish come thick and fast and should any of them make it to the other side of the screen before you catch them and place them in one of your aquariums you lose a life.

Each aquarium can only hold 5 fish and if you try to add a sixth that’s another one of your 5 lives gone. The fish also behave as they would in nature, certain fish will eat other fish and fish of the same species will also breed. While letting fish eat each other won’t cost you any of your lives it will reduce your score so careful tank management is always required.

As you maintain your aquariums customers will also request certain fish and if you get to them quickly enough they will purchase all of the fish of the type they ask for earning you not only points but another empty aquarium for you to continue to fill again.

Each level has a certain number of sales for you to satisfy before you can progress to the next level which will not only bring a higher number of sales but also new fish for your tanks along with new eating behaviors to be aware of.

There are three game modes to choose from, Normal, Crazy and Chill which can really rack up the pressure while online scoring spilt into Global, Country and Country Challenge mode where the scores of all players from each country are added together to really add to the fun. Not to mention the Facebook integration that will publish your score to your Facebook page at the click of a button.

The graphics don’t exactly jump off the screen and the music is your simple background music fare as this game survives on game-play alone. The drag-n-drop controls work perfectly as you drag the fish into the tanks and the tanks to the customers. If there was any downside to the game it would be the lack of instructions which means it takes a few plays before you know what you are doing and no multi-player options but all in all this is a great causal app for gamers of all ages.

App Store Official

Price $1.99

The Good

  • Simple controls
  • Unique online scoring
  • Facebook integration

The Not So good

  • No multi-player options
  • No detailed instructions

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Fishtank Manager Video


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