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Apple has been experiencing heavy sales with the iPhone 4S, the company sold more than 4 million devices during the launch weekend. With the success of the iPhone 4S, Apple has been consistently releasing TV ads to get the word out about Siri personal assistant and other features.

On Thursday to follow up a number of other successful ads, Apple released two new ads, one called “Rock God”. The ad shows a teenager, one the target audience of Apple’s iOS products, using an iPhone to search a number of things from buying a guitar to searching music notes.

At the end of the ad, after playing guitar with a band, the teenager then tells Siri, “Call me Rock God” and Siri follows up with, “From now on, I’ll call you ‘Rock God’. OK?”.

Apple also released another TV ad called ‘Road Trip’ which shows a couple asking Siri for directions for a number of cities and restaurants, and driving to these locations, followed by another search on Siri.

Apple appears to be releasing ads targeting varied audiences and advertises Siri in almost all of its ads, except for the first string of ads released following the announcement of the iPhone 4S which highlighted the better 8 MP camera and Apple’s iCloud service.

]]> 3 Sprint to Throttle “off-network” data usage, No “Truly Unlimited” Data For iPhone 4S / 4 Users Fri, 06 Jan 2012 16:55:11 +0000 Read More]]> Since the introduction of the iPhone 4 and 4S on Sprint, the carrier has been airing numerous TV ads, highlighting their “Unlimited Data” for the iPhone. However, on Thursday, a statement from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse revealed that Sprint is doing exactly what they said they wouldn’t, throttling top 1% of data users on their network. This means that those who over use what is supposed to be unlimted data, are going to be downgraded to slower 2G speeds.

For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off,” [Sprint CEO Dan] Hesse said at an investor conference Thursday. He said Sprint pares back data use for about 1% of users, a practice known as throttling.


“You’d be shocked how much data you use in a month,” Sprint asks in a recent television advertisement. “What happens if you go over? With Sprint, you don’t have to worry; only Sprint offers truly unlimited data.

In a Sprint ad, with AT&T and T-Mobile, Sprint points out that T-Mobile throttles its users, not carrying out what they promised. It seems now that Sprint has come to the realization that they must cut back in order to prevent a meltdown of their networks.

Hesse later clarified his statement, pointing out that users who roam on partner networks, such as Verizon with their Sprint iPhone and use more than 300 MB will be throttled.

However, it is interesting to note that most buildings and offices in major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles, often prevent the Sprint network from operating on the iPhone properly. In that case, many users are limited to partner networks and will have used well over 300MB on their iPhone over the course of a billing period.

]]> 2 Apple Asks Toyota to Remove Theme & Ads from Cydia Tue, 05 Apr 2011 19:34:17 +0000 Read More]]> A recent Toyota advertising campaign hit the headlines a couple of days ago, after the car giant released a theme for the iPhone publicizing its Scion car through the jailbreak application Cydia. Toyota’s deal with Cydia was short-lived, however, after a request from Apple saw the theme removed from the ModMyI repository.

The theme was available from Cydia since February, but wasn’t famous until it was picked up by news websites yesterday. It seems Apple only got wind of the Scion theme after the news broke, and contacted Toyota to request that it removes the theme and ends the advertising campaign.

Velti, the advertising agency used by Toyota, contacted Kyle Matthews – founder of ModMyI – and asked him to take the theme down:

I received a call from our contact at Velti this evening as well as an email asking me to please take the theme out of Cydia. On the phone, he explained Apple had contacted Toyota and requested they remove the theme and stop the advertising campaign. They (Velti) in turn contacted me relaying the message. The reason Velti listed for the removal request of the theme emailed through our dev portal was “Toyota’s making us take it down…” Toyota had agreed to do so to “maintain their good relationship with Apple,” our Velti contact told me on the phone.

Despite a federal ruling that made jailbreaking legal last year, Apple obviously doesn’t approve of the process and is clearly determined to try and control it, rather than accept the huge community of people that enjoy hacking its devices.

Needless to say, if you didn’t grab Toyota Scion theme yesterday, you’ve missed out!

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