Apple’s iPhone Represents 28 Percent of Smartphones in US

Apple top US smartphone maker

Apple has launched 5 successful iPhones since 2007, and each had extremely positive response. New data from Nielson’s report revealed that Apple is still holding the number one spot for leading US smartphone maker.

Android, however, still leads in the OS game, being named the most popular operating system in the United States. Nielson concluded that 43% of the phones operating in the US run Android OS, with Apple coming in at 28%. Apple has remained at 28% market share since early September, still beating out all other major companies in terms of producing units.

RIM’s Blackberry rolled in third in the smartphone market with 18 percent of the total market share. The data also suggests that adults, ranging from ages 18-44 have made the switch to a smartphone from feature phones while a whopping 62 percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 34 reported ownership of a smartphone.

Apple is continuing to grow its profit margins and is increasing production and sales each quarter. The Cupertino based company narrowly missed the expected 3rd Quarter time frame in 2011 by releasing the iPhone 4S only days after. Apple could have claimed a bigger piece of the market, anywhere from 30% to 31% had the iPhone 4S been included.

{via AppleInsider}

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