Stick Golf Review. Unique 2D golf platformer for the iPhone

Stick Golf_3

Stick Golf_3

Stick Golf [rating: 5/5]

Stick Golf is a unique golf platformer developed by Noodle Cake Games. An addictive game which will leave you saying ‘just one more level’!

The instructions are very easy to follow and well explained with picture based instructions. You use the left and right arrows at the bottom left to adjust your shot and this is the main button you will be using. Once you are all lined up you press the Go! button to start the power meter. It then powers up the level bar up and down. When it is in a postion where you think you have enough power behind it to hit your ball then press it again. To get the best powered shot then the bar needs to be full of the orange color.

If you want to see where the hole is if you can’t see it on screen then you can just drag your finger along to look, like you would really if you was flicking through your photo library. You can also reset the view by pressing the reset button in the middle. This aligns the view of the golfer.

The game is affected by wind speed also, if you play in hard mode then the strength of the wind will be shown on the bar at the top left hand side. In the middle of the game at the top it will tell you the number of strokes you have attempted and then at the top right is the par amount for that game. Now this may all sound complicated but as soon as you start playing you will realize it isn’t, it is very easy to pick up and play.

There are 6 different courses to play on, the first one is available to play but the rest have to be unlocked first before you can play them. To unlock them all you have to do is complete the previous game on par. When you start your course it will tell you how many holes there are and what the par is, you can then choose either easy with no wind or hard with wind.

Here is then when the fun starts, all you have to do is aim your stick man to hit his ball into the hole at the other side of the screen. You do this by working out with the arrows that are guiding you where to move the aim button and where the ball will land. When you have it in postion hit the go button decide on the power level and hit it again and the golfer hits the ball. Where ever the ball ends up if it doesnt get in the hole thats where you carry on from. Just like the real thing!

Now don’t be put off if you don’t like golf. I am not at all a golf fan but I can honestly say I loved this game. It becomes very addictive the more you play. The graphics are simple and very good. It is a great game for any age and one that you will want to keep on playing.


  • Great addictive game play
  • Simple and nice graphics

The Not So Good

  • None!

The game will be released on May 31!

Stick Golf iPhone Game Trailer



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