Skulls by Simon Winchester Review – Interactive Book for iPad With A Difference

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Skulls by Simon Winchester Review

Every now and again apps arrive on my virtual desktop to review that are a little out of the ordinary and Skulls by Simon Winchester certainly falls into that category.

Skulls in an interactive book in which the author delves into the life of Alan Dudley, a British taxidermist whose ‘art’ got him arrested for dealing in protected species.

The story itself is a fascinating one even for those who don’t have a particular interest in the subject, however with the addition of of 300 animal skulls that can be spun and viewed at all angles it’s visually stunning too.

In fact even the extinct Dodo in skeletal form seems to come to life as you rotate it on the screen and I’m sure this would be even more the case if you get yourself some of the 3D compatible glasses for $5 from the website.

You have the option of either reading the book as you would any other or you can choose to have the book read to you. What’s nice about the audio option is the fact that the page will move as the book is read so that the relevant illustrations and pictures are always visible.

As well as using Skulls by Simon Winchester as a book it can also be used as a reference tool with all of the skulls beautifully displayed graphically in alphabetical order which can also be filter on based on Class, Group, Family and Behaviour.

You can also compare up to four of the skulls at the same time and rotate them simultaneously so that you can compare and contrast them.

Skulls by Simon Winchester is certainly not going to be to every ones taste, however it not only tells a fascinating story but is also a beautifully crafted application that utilizes everything that is great about the iPad.

[rating: 5/5]
What we like:

  • Engrossing story
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Audio option included

What to know:

  • Skulls are not every one’s cup of tea!

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