SilverWiz Money for iPad: Clean, Simple Design to Keep Finances in Order

SilverWiz Money for iPad Review-1

SilverWiz Money for iPad Review-1

[rating: 4/5]

SilverWiz Money for iPad Review: A beautiful financial tracker designed for iOS, with apps available for both the iPhone and the iPad, and coming soon to the Mac as well.

There are plenty of financial tracking apps out there, but SilverWiz Money for iPad {$4.99} stands out in its clean design and use of the touch interface. There are four types of accounts supported: checking, savings, cash, and credit card. It’s easy to begin setting up accounts with the wizard-like dialog boxes to enter the initial data.

SilverWiz Money for iPad Review-2

Once you have the account(s) set up, entering transactions is easy. Income and expense entries are very similar. You select the account, add a description by either typing it in or selecting it from a list, enter the payee and amount, choose a category, set the date, and if you choose you can attach an image too.

The list of transactions is clear and easy to read. However, it could use a running balance column rather than just having the ending balance displayed. The budget section is easy to set up and provides good flexibility in tracking the important things. It even has an option to transfer unused money at the end of the period if you so choose.

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The scheduled transactions area has a calendar display that indicates days you have money coming in or going out. You can schedule recurring income and expenses and it will remind you when they due. You can even do some forecasting to see how accounts will play out in the future.

The reporting area has a good selection of standard reports to choose from. After tweaking the settings of the baseline report, you can save your customizations for reuse. Bar charts, pie charts, and graphs are all available to help you get a better understanding of your financial standing.

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And while the settings menu rarely merits a mention in a review, for SilverWiz it’s one of the unique features of the app. Settings is where you will find the option to sync everything. This allows the data entered in the iPad app to appear in the iPhone version. It also has the added benefit of backing up that data in the cloud. (When the Mac app is released, it will sync with that too.)

If you already have your financial data in a different package, SilverWiz can import that information if it’s in the standard QXF or QIF format. And you can import data from your financial institution in the same manner.

SilverWiz Money for iPad Review-5

Features that could be added to make this a dominant product include links to online banks for automatic updating, the addition of investment accounts, and a more drilling down capabilities in the reports. And of course, the addition of the Mac version will make these apps even more appealing.

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SilverWiz is a newly introduced app (well, apps, as there’s one for the iPhone and one for the iPad) that shows a lot of strengths and even more potential. If you’re needs are simple, there’s enough here already to make this worth a good look. And it’s certainly one to watch as it has the foundation for being a strong entry into a weak spot in the Mac software catalog.

What we like:

  • Clean, Mac-like interface
  • Good use of the touch interface
  • Syncing between devices

What to know:

  • Running balance on transactions needed
  • Some reports could use a bit more granularity
  • The Mac version is not yet released


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