Robot Rampage for iPhone is Runaway Fun

Robot Rampage [rating: 5/5]

I had the privilege of reviewing Space Station: Frontier by Origin8 in early January. It was one of the most polished, fun, and challenging game I had ever played on the iPhone platform. I now have the privilege of reviewing Robot Rampage by Origin8 and I’m glad to say they have a bit of streak going. Robot Rampage maintains the quality and level of fun exhibited in Space Station: Frontier.

Gameplay in Robot Rampage is simple and to the point. Whereas a lot of games pit you against a rampaging robot from outer space, Robot Rampage turns the tables. You are the rampaging robot at spearhead of an alien invasion and its your task to sow destruction as far and wide as possible. An impressive array of weaponry is available in your quest to reek havoc on humanity. Not only can you punch and kick at your enemies, but a powerful death ray and nuclear attack will dispatch your enemies with ease.

Robot Rampage iPhone

Punching and kicking is accomplished by a quick tap around the hand or foot of your robot. While physical attacks are fine to clean up any one that gets too close, explosive death is much more efficient. A death ray shoots from the robot’s eye and can be used continuously without penalty. Simply tap and hold against the target of choice and the ray will do the rest. Use the ray to effectively dispatch enemies or the city blocks you must level to move through the game. Also available is a nuclear attack that can clear a city block of enemies and buildings. Your robot starts out with no such attacks, they charge up over time to a maximum of two. One is regenerated after each use.

Robot Rampage iPhone_2

Opposing your rein of terror are humanity’s armies. At the beginning of the game you face mostly ground soldiers. Units escalate in firepower over time, moving from tanks to helicopters to bombers and ballistic missiles. Attacks are sporadic at first but the scale and speed increase over time as well. You will soon find yourself fighting to keep up with the size and intensity of attacks. I found that holding the nuclear attack until these more intense levels is the best strategy. Humanities only real defense against your robot is in size and scale of their assault. Having a weapon in reserve that can clear a whole city block will come in handy when things start turning into a hot mess.

Robot Rampage iPhone_5

In case my enthusiasm for this game hasn’t come through yet, let me make it clear: I love Robot Rampage. I admit to not knowing much about Origin8 before reviewing Space Station: Frontier but they’ve turned me into a believer. Both games have had the right combination of polish, challenge and fun to make them successes. If you haven’t played anything by Origin8 yet, first download this game and then search iTunes for their entire catalog and get that too. You won’t be disappointed. Robot Rampage also has full OpenFeint support for social gaming. You and your friends will have endless fun acquiring achievements, comparing high scores, and competiting in every aspect of this engaging game.

The Good:

  • Fun and interesting concept
  • Polished game
  • Good mix of fun, destruction, and increasing challenges

The Not So Good:

  • Two player, Humans vs. Robots, mode would be an interesting addition

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

Robot Rampage


Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 12, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 8.8 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Origin8 Technologies Limited
© Origin8 Technologies Ltd.

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