Archon: The Original Battle Chess [Coming Soon]

Archon is the original Battle Chess, where you use your pieces in battle to fight the other side in order to claim the squares.

Archon is hailed as a perfect hybrid of strategy and fast-action combat. You take control of either the Light or Dark team, each with their unique line-up of creatures. Strategically move your pieces on the chess-like board to capture squares. If you move onto an enemy square however, real-time battle ensues in the Combat Arena! Dodge with your Dragon or weave with your Unicorn and defeat your enemy. The combat victor captures the square on the Strategy Board. You win a game by annihilating your opponent’s team or claiming all 5 “Power Squares.” With over 16 unique characters, no game is ever the same. Find your perfect strategy to claim to coveted “Archon” rank.

Archon was first released in 1983 for the Atari 800, then later ported to other popular platforms of the time. The iPhone version is the first major release in over 15 years.


Archon Screenshots

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