Rally Master Pro 3D For iPhone: Stunning, Extraordinary Controls and In-Depth Gameplay

Rally Master Pro iPhone

Rally Master Pro iPhone

Rally Master Pro [rating: 4/5]

After developing a few free racing games for the iPhone Fishlabs has finally launched Rally Master Pro 3D on App Store. The game offers a challenging gameplay and satisfies your appetite for adventure filled rally experience.

Rally Master Pro 3D (RMP) takes advantage of the powerful ABYSS game engine and provides highly detailed graphics and impressive frame-rates. The game features realistic 3D terrains and the perfect sound effects to compliment the gameplay. You can rally in different surface and weather conditions which effects the handling of your car, adding more fun and challenge to the game.

Unlike other racing games, in RMP you race against time in all the game modes. Time Trial allows you to race against time and complete the track as quickly as possible, Career Mode features three rallys each rally consists of several races, in Adrenaline Mode your goal is to avoid all damages while trying to reach the finish line in the given time limit.

You can unlock different weather conditions, mini games and two cars by completing a rally race however, the game lacks customization options as no aspect about the car can be altered.

After completing a few tracks you will occasionally be prompted to play mini-games in order to assist the crew in performing the repairs of your vehicle. The mini-games are optional as you can always automate the repair process and these can be played separately via the game mode menu screen. The mini games certainly add depth to the game and are a welcome addition.

Fishlabs has paid incredible attention in offering game options in RMP with three control modes and display options. Accelerometer is the most intuitive control mechanism and works well as you can customize the sensitivity to your convenience. If you’ve had enough of accelerometer based games then you can use the Touch [Analog] control which brings on screen steering wheel to steer your car with additional Left-handed and Autogas options. If you are comfortable with the traditional left-right buttons then you can use Touch [Digital] controls. We were comfortable with the accelerometer based controls as it allows the racing track to fill the entire screen with no distractions. The game also allows you customize the display options where you can rotate the screen and turn on the tilt horizon.

RMP offers only two camera modes while racing which we feel should be improved in the next update. After completing a race track you can view the replay to reflect and identify your mistakes.

You might not clear the stages in the first go with different surface and weather conditions but we recommend practicing and you should get better at it.

Rally Master Pro 3D for iPhone is a stunning racing game with extraordinary controls and in-depth gameplay.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $4.99

The Good

  • Graphical treat
  • Great controls
  • Co-pilot voice over

The Not So Good

  • Only two camera angles
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Does not display ghost data from previous race in time trial mode

Rally Master Pro 3D for iPhone

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