Piranha Pond – Koi Frenzy For iPhone: Spoof Of Koi Pond

Koi Pond for the iPhone has been a huge success on the App Store, The Blimp Pilots were able to transform a simple simulation into a soothing addiction. iPhone developers Ethervision, iDev2 and Frozen Pepper have teamed up again after the success of RC Heli to bring us an interesting spoof of Koi Pond.

Piranha Pond – Koi Frenzy tries to bring you the same experience of watching fish swimming in your own Pond with an unusual twist. The unusual twist is that you can feed the Piranha by shaking your device and the rapacious fish rush to murderously attack and satisfy their blood thirst. As the Piranha attack the koi the pond fills with blood and it will nibble away your finger if you touch the screen for too long. Tilting your device horizontally brings up the underwater 3D view to enjoy watching your Piranha feasting on koi.

Piranha Pond – Koi Frenzy does not feature any help menu or customization options, which is quite atypical. The app is an interesting spoof of Koi Pond however, the graphics and simulation need further improvement.

The developers are looking for your suggestions as they ask “What should we feed them next?” Have an idea? Leave a comment below and it might get added in the next update!

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