Pegatron Apple’s second manufacturer for Desktops and Verizon iPhone 4?

DigiTimes has published a few reports in the recent past which suggest that Apple is probably looking for a second manufacturer for their products. Last month they claimed that Pegatron will manufacture CDMA (Verizon Wireless) version of iPhone 4 and we could expect it as early as Q4.

Today they published a new report claiming that Pegatron has managed to secure manufacturing orders for Apple desktops too.

Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology, the spun-off manufacturing arm of Asustek Computer, has reportedly landed desktop orders from Apple, according to sources from market watchers.

The sources noted that Pegatron’s major objective currently is to retrieve its lost Apple MacBook orders and if the rumors about Pegatron landing desktop orders is true then Pegatron is one step closer to achieving its goal.


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