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Mooch! [rating: 4.5/5]

Who hasn’t lent someone something? Who hasn’t borrowed something from someone? I think that covers everyone doesn’t it? Well if it does, and if you do either a lot, then Mooch!, not to be confused with Mooch, could be just the app for you as it allows you to simply keep track of what you’ve borrowed and what you’ve lent and to whom. Helping you keep track of everything and making sure that you don’t become know as a mooch!

Getting started is as easy as clicking on either the ‘I Borrowed’ or ‘I Lent’ button. From there your options are the same. If it’s cash then you can simply enter in the amount add the contact from your iPhone/iPod touch Contacts to whom you lent to or borrowed from and click save. With the lending and borrowing of money Mooch! will also give you an overall balance meaning that if you lend someone $20 and then borrow $25 it will give you a balance showing that you owe them $5.

Mooch! iPhone

Mooch! iPhone

If it’s an actual item that’s being traded you can even add a photo of the said item and categorize it into one of six groups. The groups do cover most items that you’d want to trade but it would be nice to have the ability to set your own categories too. Notes can be added to any item too.

All your traded items get listed on the home page by contact so you can easily see at a glance who owes you what and what you owe other people. It’s also easy to edit and ultimately delete any item once it’s be returned to you or you return what ever item it is you’ve borrowed, so keeping your items up to date and is easy.

Once an item has been returned you can mark it as returned and if you haven’t received back something that you sent out some time ago then you can use the inbuilt reminder option that will send the person an email with a friendly reminder.

If you do a lot of borrowing/lending that you could do a lot worse than purchasing this simple yet effective application especially as it’s on sale for just 99c at the moment.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Easy to add new items
  • Keeps track of balance by contact
  • Add picture of items

The Not So Good

  • Unable to edit categories

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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