Mac OS X Lion Promo Materials Appear in Third Party Stores

Mac OS X Lion Release

Mac OS X Lion Release

Italian website, revealed that promotional materials for ‘Mac OS X Lion’ have begun appearing in third-party retail stores. Retail chain Euronics has begun displaying images of banners advertising features of Mac OS X Lion. The new signs advertise OS X Lion as being “now on all new Macs” and prompts users to “take a tour” of the new operating system. However, even with the new banners up, the devices in retail stores have not yet been updated.

Mac OS X Lion has been rumored for release this Wednesday and may make an appearance on all new hardware introduced. Lion is being prepped for release through many promotional outlets, including Gift Cards that advertise the download of OS X Lion. Other sources have indicated that Apple’s retail stores are planning overnight shifts tonight, where staff will be responsible for changing promotional materials and updating other aspects of the store layouts.

Rumors released this week have also suggested that Apple Retail Stores have received hard drives in order to update all computers in store to Mac OS X Lion. Apple has not yet hinted as to when Mac OS X Lion would officially be released. Mac OS X Lion is pegged for release tomorrow and will likely be revealed alongside new hardware, including a Macbook Pro, New MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

Are you going to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion? Do you think it will be released tomorrow?

{via MacRumors}

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  1. Liam McGuirl

    It is tommarow. . . . the wiki page for OS Lion says aswell that it will be released as of the 20th . . .  at the moment, and the Mac App Store has nothing . . .

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