Krusell’s Gaia Leather Pouch allows you to keep your iPhone 4 “Nude” [Accessory]

Leather Pouch Case iPhone 4

Leather Pouch Case iPhone 4

Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch  [rating: 4/5]

I’ve used a variety of cases for all my hand held devices, sometimes I’ve used them to add additional style while sometimes I used cases for protection. None of this is different with my current device, my iPhone 4. However, there is one difference, the iPhone 4 looks so good I just want to carry it around naked all the time, the phone that is, not me!

Up until now I’ve been using a clear case that covers the back and sides of the iPhone 4, with this I get the best of both worlds as I get to see the clear design of my iPhone 4 and some protection too. Not full protection though, but this is where the new Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch comes in.

The Gaia Mobile Pouch is a snug fitting leather pouch which hugs the iPhone both with and without a small case on the iPhone 4. The pouch comes in a range of colors but the black version looks sleek and professional with a rough surface that gives it both style and a textured grip. The leather feels soft to the touch but rugged which is an excellent combination.

Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch for iPhone 4

The inner leather is soft too and provides a perfect pillow for your iPhone for to rest against and slide against as he iPhone slips in and out. Without a small case on the iPhone it will slip in and out of the pouch easily while if you keep a small case on the iPhone the fit will be a little tighter, but neither is a problem.

The details haven’t been missed either, from the double line of white stitching down the front of the pouch and embossed Krusell logo to the hook on the back to attach the pouch to a key ring or lanyard it’s all there.

As you would probably expect with a pouch there are no slots to charge through or to give access to the volume controls but the top of the phone is accessible to plug head phones into.

The iPhone 4 case retails for under $20 and is a great option if, like me, you want to keep your phone ‘nude’ while in use, yet protected while on the move.

Krusell Gaia Mobile Pouch is currently available for $17.95 from Touch Reviews Store.


  • Good snug fit
  • Professional style
  • Attention to detail


  • Limited device access when pouched
  • Could fall out if held upside down

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