iWork Coming to iPhone 4 and iPod touch soon?

iWork iPhone iPod touch01

9TO5Mac have got hold of some blurry spy shots of Pages running on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Having hooked a bluetooth keyboard up to my iPhone 4 today I can say that, in a pinch, working on the iPhone screen is not too bad. And is surprisingly satisfying with one of Apple’s dinky Bluetooth keyboards on your lap.

I for one would welcome this suite coming to my iPhone 4, and even my iPod Touch.

As some of the shots are from an iPod it is clear that Apple is at least considering letting Pages and it’s brothers and sister apps onto more than just the new iPhone 4 with its Retina Display.

Some enterprising hackers managed to get iMovie for iPhone running on an iPhone 3GS today. So it seems that running a spreadsheet or word-processor app really shouldn’t be beyond the capabilities of older iDevices.

Would you welcome iWork on your earlier devices, or the iPhone 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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