iPod Touch fourth gen (4G) with Retina Display and Two Cameras

In a piece on the Dell Streak John Gruber mentioned Apple’s upcoming fourth gen iPod Touch. A lot of web blogs are making a big thing of what seemed to be a throw away comment on his blog saying:

..if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.

Whether he has heard something specifically, or is simply chancing his arm to gain credit for a 50 / 50 call on what we all know may be coming, he did not say.

But there you have it… iPod Touch, Retina Display and two cameras. Apparently.

A problem with 2 cameras on the iPod Touch is that fitting the iPhone 4’s 5 Mega-Pixel camera into the existing iPod Touch case is going to be challenging. To say the least!

So it seems more likely that if there is a stills camera on the back of the iPod Touch it will be 3MP, or less. A wild, but unlikely possibility, is that Apple are going with a more iPhone 4 style iPod case design.

What Gruber did not mention was a Gyroscope. Something we think is more certain to show up in the new iPod Touch than dual cameras. Apple has made a big thing of gaming on the iDevice eco-system. And repeatedly said that they see the gyroscope as an important facet in their push into gaming on mobile devices. So to leave it out seems a little silly.

What’s your guess on the new iPod Touch specification? Let us know in the comments…

12 Comments on “iPod Touch fourth gen (4G) with Retina Display and Two Cameras”

  1. Addicted

    oh im sorry 3rd dude im not english 😀

    Is that the only thing you have to say? what a useless comment

  2. Cheese

    That would all be nice but highly unlikely for the iPod that would make the price of it like 700$ thinks of it the iPhone 4 has all the same things and it costs 700$ unlocked.

  3. Guesty

    “A wild, but unlikely possibility, is that Apple are going with a more iPhone 4 style iPod case design.”

    Why do you consider the iPhone 4 case unlikely for the corresponding iPod touch? Haven’t they used a slimmer but otherwise similar iPhone case design for the iPod touch for the previous 3 generations?

  4. b911rice

    I’m hopin for a retina display, A4, dual cameras, 512mb ram, gyroscope, and wireless n. The thing I want to see the most is the retina display!

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