iPod touch 4G (4th Gen) Reviews and Unboxing

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During Apple’s annual music event Steve Jobs unveiled the “biggest change in the iPod lineup ever”  by announcing all new designs for every model. iPod touch was certainly the main focus of the event and the new iPod touch 4G has proved to be a major upgrade when compared with any previous version.

When people would compare an iPhone with iPod touch they were always amazed with how thin the iPod touch was. Apple did not change the design of third gen iPod touch when it was introduced and it was difficult to imagine if this device could be thinner. The new iPod touch turned out to be thinner than the previous gen model and also supports many new features.

Apple’s new iPod touch features the same A4 chip which powers the iPhone 4, 24-bit color LED retina display, 3-axis gyro, front camera for Facetime and rear facing camera for HD video recording.

Top tech sites have published their reviews of the device and it has mostly received positive comments. PCMag.com in its detailed review noted that the rear facing camera works well as a “non-dedicated low-resolution camera” but the absence of LED flash makes taking images in low light environments “rather challenging” In their concluding comments PC Magazine’s, lead analyst for audio & video, Tim Gideon added “But with an entry point of $229, you do get a camera, HD video recorder, music and video player, portable gaming console, Web browser, e-mail, and app device in one slick, pocket-size package. There’s just no other portable media player that can do what the iPod touch can do.”

Engadget’s Editor-in-chief, Joshua Topolsky in his review of the new iPod touch highlighted the fact that even though the device now features retina display with four times the pixels it does not have the same IPS panel which is found in iPhone 4. The audio output via the built-in speakers was reported to be not very loud and is only for casual listening. In conclusion the review stated that “the touch isn’t without faults — the lack of GPS and a fairly low-quality still camera come to mind” but “With the addition of HD video shooting, the new Retina Display, and a faster A4 processor, the touch has just gone from “nice to have” to nearly irresistible.”

New iPod touch (Unboxing)

Image Credit: PC Magazine

18 Comments on “iPod touch 4G (4th Gen) Reviews and Unboxing”

  1. Bammasta

    I don’t understand why so many people with 3rd generations are rushing out to buy this new device. Sure it has a camera but you aren’t going to be taking high quality photos with the camera, and although it creates the all-on-one media device people have been calling for i think apple missed the mark slightly here. Next the A4 chip is just a more efficient use of the logic board and chips already in the 3rd generation model. The only difference is its a unified chip running at what should be 1Ghz but is found to actually be quite lower on this iPod touch and since its the same video card/ processor/ RAM on the hardware side its not a super big upgrade because nothing but slightly higher clocks are new. Next i don’t like how it keeps getting smaller. I would gladly trade size for a slightly larger battery with two times the life. They need to push for that 10-15 hour of video on this device(similar to the iPhone), because access to an outlet is always available and its nice to not have to charge it all the time. Lastly the screen. Lastly the screen. Sure the retina display is amazing and things will look amazing, whether its apps, or webpages. But when it comes to movies the resolution is actually about 4 times larger meaning the size of movies will increase meaning that without a 128 gb model the 32gb acts as a 16 and the 64 essentially acts as the old 32gb model. Apple needs some sort of pixel upscaling for this like seen in the iPad but it needs to work for all videos bought from iTunes or not. Overall i’m not saying its a bad device i just don’t understand why third generation owners are rushing out to buy a new one because guess what?! A new 5th gen will come out next year thats even better! And then what will happen the same pattern? But thats just my opinion on this device and its alluring Apple quality. I have a third gen and will definitely wait for the 5th gen because with iPod’s i usually skip a generation unless it breaks before that time.

  2. Dan

    Should I upgrade from my 32gb 3rd generation to the 4gen 32gb as the camera looks cool for doing quick snaps and video when I’m with my mates. I know the camera looks bad but I have seen worse. Every one is moaning but they carnt put a too similar camera in other wise noone will buy the iPhone 4. But everyone hasn’t really thought of this but you’ll have a more open app store to use.

  3. Sebastiaan

    when my ipod touch 4g is arrived i will make an unboxing on youtube. Check my account sebastiaantjuh12

  4. James Da Niguh


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    Im the dopest youtuber ever!

  5. Tom

    Nice review, there’s no denying, the new iPod touch packs a lot of bang for the buck*. PMP, Gaming, video camera front/back, web browsing and it’s so thin an irazor app would make sense… or not. :-/
    And the price is also quite decent, 223$ for the 8GB model (bit.ly/bhGETG)

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