iPhone Users Hurry Verizon Dropping Unlimited Data Plans in July

On Monday All Things Digital reported that a Verizon spokesman said that Verizon would be dropping their Unlimited data plan option in July. This was expected since the introduction of Verizon iPhone 4, similar to how AT&T moved to tiered data pricing after the introduction of the iPad but still allowed those “grandfathered” to stay unlimited.

We will move to a more usage based model in July. We’ll share more later.

According to the source, the data caps and prices will be as follows:

2GB – $30/month
5GB – $50/month
10GB – $80/month
Tethering is a $20/month add-on and includes an additional 2GB of data.
Overages are assessed at $10/GB.

It is still unclear when Verizon will publicly announce their new tiered prices, however, based on rumors, it is pegged for a July announcement. This is will affect Verizon iPhone customers who are heavy users of data and video downloads. However, 2GB is usually the basic amount that a customer gets to in a month. This switch was a big selling point for Verizon at the introduction of the iPhone, and what prompted many customers to make the switch to Verizon. We still have yet to see any move on Verizon’s part.

Are you a Verizon iPhone customer? How many gigabytes of data do you use? How much is your current bill? Sound off in the comments below.

{via TiPb}

2 Comments on “iPhone Users Hurry Verizon Dropping Unlimited Data Plans in July”

  1. Steve (Blow)Jobs

    fuck this.  I have the att iphone.  I got it just after unlimited data was lifted from ATT.  Now I have like a week to sell the damn thing and get the verizon iphone with unlimited data bitches!  FUCK YOU!

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