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Ever wanted to keep a track or search for pics posted by a Twitter user? TwitterPics is the answer!

– Search for pictures on twitter
– Currently, the only app that allows you to search for pictures on TwitPic.
– Follow or un-follow pictures from your friends or anyone.
– Follow the pictures from your favorite celebrities that are on twitter.
– Follow pictures from current events uploaded by twitter users in real time.
– View images from current twitter trending topics.
– Post the image links to your twitter.
– Email image links to friends.
– Rearrange searches for better organization.
– Search for pictures in cities by typing in the city names as a search.

TwitterPics allows you to easily search and follow pics posted on Twitter by any user. It enables you to search for pics by keywords, from a user, to a user or by hash tags.

Once you enter a keyword (user or hash tag) in the search bar TwitterPics searches pics containing that keyword (user or hash tag) in real time and you can browse through the pics by simple flick gesture. Further, you can tap the question mark to read the tweet associated with that pic.

TwitterPics makes it easy for you to Follow a particular user’s pics, Email link to a friend and post link on Twitter too. It also allows you to follow pics from trending topics.

TwitterPics does have potential to become a new way to discover and follow Twitter users.

Price $0.99

The Good

  • Great way to find and follow twitter users
  • Allows you you to Email link, post link on twitter and follow users pics.
  • View pics from trending topics

The Not So Good

  • Landscape mode for viewing pics is missing
  • Searches only TwitPic

Promo Codes

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It’s that simple!

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0 Comments on “App Review: TwitterPics”

  1. BMahl

    I’m surprised this is the only app like this, would be nice if it was built into tweetie perhaps that is asking too much 😛

  2. iphonetech78

    I like a copy of twitterpics so that I can view the pictures of my contacts. I have retweet this message.

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